One of the passages that stuck with me from Amy Poehler’s book was when she talks about her friendship with Tina Fey. She wrote that she’s often mistaken for Tina and asked to do Tina’s famous Sarah Palin impression. My first thought was, how annoying! They don’t even look alike! But Amy’s attitude really caught me by surprise. She wrote that she’s always flattered to be compared to Tina because 1) she’s her friend and 2) she happens to be killing it. If that’s not girl power, I don’t know what is.

I’m lucky to have more than a few girlfriends who are just killing it right now (even if no one’s getting us mixed up or asking us to do impressions). One of them is Katie Kime, a designer in Austin, Texas, who pretty much does it all: clothing, decor, furniture, interiors, textiles, and more. I got to meet her on our trip to Austin last April and was blown away at her dreamy little studio and all the big dreams she has for her business. Seriously, look at some of the things she’s added to her collection recently:

katie kime lucite bar cart

Lucite bar cart

monogrammed side chair

Savannah side chair

katie kime 2015 desk calendar

2015 desk calendar

palm beach bamboo chippendale chair

Palm Beach bamboo arm chair

katie kime removable tray ottoman

Adelaide ottoman with center tray


Pink striped teepee

katie kime golden alligator

Golden alligator

So fun, right? She has the best eye and I so admire her whimsical sense of style. I think it’s so important to surround yourself with women who inspire you and getting to meet some of those women in person has always been one of the best parts of blogging and social media. Interested in a few other female entrepreneurs who are killing it right now? Check out Anna Spiro, Katie Armour’s Buddy Editions, and Sara Kate Studios. And let me know who inspires you in the comments!

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  1. Love posts like this! I’ve been really missing the career spotlights! Hope you’ll do more of those soon. I love reading them and getting that little dose of inspiration!

  2. Schwat. She made these things? Designed them? Whatever it is, I LOVE so much of it. The lucite bar car and the ottoman with the tray. #mindblown

  3. I remember reading that part in Amy’s book and feeling so happy and inspired by their friendship. I can admit that I used to be (and sometimes still am…) jealous of my friends’ successes, but Amy and now you remind me to support and be proud of my friends. Great post!


  4. I couldn’t agree more with this. I recently wrote about the women who inspired me over the course of 2014. My sister, Annie Reeves and a few others topped the list! I just cracked open Yes Please and I can’t wait to keep reading. I think it’s admirable that Amy isn’t threatened by Tina’s success – it really shows what type of person she is 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  5. I love her stuff – cannot wait until I have an apartment of my own to fill with all her goodes…um that bar cart is perfection!

    And to be honest, I used to be very envious/jealous of my friends who were out there “killing it” but at the end of the day, I’m so proud of them and their successes. I’d much rather be surrounded by people who are like that since it only motivates me and helps to inspire me!