Remember this post on how to dress for a job interview? I had a lot of fun rounding up wardrobe options at different price points and thought it would be helpful to do a similar post for winter essentials. I find it harder to feel put together during the winter; it’s so much more about practicality and warmth than just style. I put together a list of 10 winter essentials I couldn’t live without and found options at three different price points depending on how much you want to spend on each piece. I hope it helps give you a little direction for your shopping this month!

winter essentials for every budget

1. A puffer coat for the days when it’s really just too cold to function.

splurge ($845)  //  spend ($298)  //  save ($64)

2. A dress coat when you need to look polished without freezing your butt off.

splurge ($725)  //  spend ($256)  //  save ($104)

3. A cute winter beanie, because being cold is no excuse not to accessorize!

splurge ($79)  //  spend ($39)  //  save ($26)

4. Snow boots for braving the next storm.

splurge ($495 $205)  //  spend ($140)  //  save ($109)

5. Dress boots for desk-to-drinks style. (Now is not the time for stilettos!)

splurge ($325)  //  spend ($280 $170)  //  save ($140)

6. The warmest scarf you can get your hands on.

splurge ($258)  //  spend ($64)  //  save ($23)

7. A cashmere sweater or five.

splurge ($398)  //  spend ($188)  //  save ($69)

8. Black tights (which I secretly layer underneath skinny jeans!).

splurge ($55)  //  spend ($20)  //  save ($8)

9. A faux fur vest, to be worn over as many layers as possible.

splurge ($198)  //  spend ($154)  //  save ($41)

10. Gloves fit for texting.

splurge ($145)  //  spend ($38 $28)  //  save ($14)

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  1. You’ve compiled some great choices! I don’t know if you’ve researched cashmere tights yet, but with these frigid temperatures, there’s no time like the present. I’ve been wearing Wolford cashmere and silk tights for six years – a pair lasts at least two years for me – and I’m toasty warm all winter long. When the toes and heels wear out, I’ve cut the feet off and worn them as tights. Stay warm!

  2. What a great post, so spot on with all these chilly temps these days!
    For warm weather winter pieces I try to splurge when I can because I find the extra cost really makes a difference on the warmth factor! I have a Canada Goose and live in it all winter long, such a life saver. Same goes to Sorel Boots for snowy days, but I think classic Bean Boots will always be my favorite!
    xo Nan – Simply Elegant Blog