Over the Christmas break, I got so inspired watching my mom and dad motivate each other to work out. They’re definitely on a new health kick and they both look incredible. They’ve started running one or two miles a day and only stocking the fridge with healthy snacks (much to me and my siblings’ chagrin). I joined them on a few family runs over the break — it’s amazing what you can be convinced to do with a support system!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that I really prefer to work out with someone else. I grew up on a competitive gymnastics team with girls who became some of my best friends. When I got to college, I felt totally lost wandering into a regular gym by myself. Now I’m realizing that the way to get myself up and at ’em is to have a buddy who keeps me motivated and makes it feel like a social outing and not just an obligation. A long walk with Rory, a yoga class with a girlfriend, or a jog with my family… All way more fun than going it alone!






Old Navy active half-zip pullover ℅  //  Old Navy active rushed tank ℅  //  Old Navy active compression capris ℅

I was so excited when my new friend Kimberly and I had the opportunity to try a class at SLT Upper East Side. SLT stands for strengthen, lengthen, tone — three things this bod could definitely use more of. 😉 Most of the class takes place on a Pilates reformer (which I hadn’t used since I lived in San Francisco after college!) and hits your abs, arms, butt, and legs equally. What. A. Class. I could really feel every exercise and the instructor was the perfect mix of encouraging and motivational. I was definitely sore the next day but I would totally do it again, especially with a friend in tow! We both wore activewear from Old Navy and I love that it fits as nicely as other brands I’ve tried without the crazy price tag. A girl can never own too many pairs of black leggings — I wear these to work out in but also with a sweater and riding boots outside the gym. You’ll find more pictures of our workout adventure on Kimberly’s blog as well!

*Photos by Anabella Veress

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  1. I actually just purchased a bunch of workout gear from Old Navy. They’re perfect for when I teach my Cardio Hip Hop and Zumba classes. I’ve actually been looking into getting a Pilates certification as well… I’ll have to look into this class!
    xo, chekara |

  2. I love, love Old Navy activewear! I started taking ballet last year and the leggings and tanks are perfect for when I don’t want to wear the traditional leotard and tights. And it really does look great outside the gym too – I’m never self-conscious wearing it to/from of the studio or for a bite to eat after class.

    And I wish we had SLT in Los Angeles – I’ve heard great things!

    Surf & Hydrangeas

  3. Love your workout gear! I definitely prefer working out with a friend too. My roommates and I are thinking of taking a yoga class or two in the near future. It’ll be fun to laugh at ourselves as we try to do the moves.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  4. Hi Mackenzie!

    I also recently tried SLT and loved it! Challenging but works out every muscle.

    Would love if you could do a post on how you organize your day/weeks and the Simplified Planner! I have seen it all over social media but mostly have seen moms and older women use it. It would be helpful to see how it could potentially apply to my life (we are the same age!).

  5. Looks like such a fun class! I love that some of Old Navy’s lines have been super cute or similar to more expensive brand lines without as much of the cost 🙂
    xx, Mikkaela

  6. I know I do much better during my workouts if I have a partner! It is all about that accountability and working out is so much more fun when you have someone to talk to! Love Old Navy active wear too!!