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1. 22 ways to save money in NYC.

2. 52 places to go in 2015.

3. A pretty tassel tote.

4. Could you get rid of one item every day this month?

5. How to develop your personal style.

6. How to outsource your life. Ha!

7. How to step up your carry-on game.

8. Kelly recreated one of my all-time favorite photographs (ours is hanging here!) and it is awesome.

9. New arrivals in the boutique!

10. Say hello to longer legs. (Has anyone tried this?!)

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    1. Sam,
      They are very comfortable. I’ve been wearing them for weeks with sneakers, winter boots, etc, and my wife as well. We both love them. They have a bouncy effect that makes them soft, while sturdy at the same time. I highly recommend them!