I tend to be drawn to interiors with white walls, a mix of old and new furnishings, and bright accessories. It also happens to be a pretty practical way to decorate: invest in a neutral foundation that will never feel dated and spruce it up with new art, decor, and lighting as the seasons — or your tastes — change.

Take my apartment, for example. I always get Instagram comments about how bright and colorful it is, which makes me happy because 1) I love color but 2) the color comes from pieces that I didn’t spend nearly as much on and will have fun restyling in many homes to come. In other words, I spent most of my budget on a beige sofa, a white dining table, white dining chairs,  etc. and layered in colorful art, books, and pillows as I collected them. That’s not to say that I don’t stumble upon interiors I love with navy walls or an emerald green sofa, but I really do think mixing white furniture and bright decor will let me reinvent my space time and again without actually having to replace the biggest and most expensive pieces every time I move.

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Do you share my love of white interiors and colorful decor? Oh and I’d love to know: what’s the color palette in your home?

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  1. When we first moved into our apartment I had big plans for painting. My husband and I married last June, so this is our first “grown-up” home, together. I love color, pattern, and layering. For the longest time I had been planning on painting our main room an olive green and the trim a faint ivory. After living here for several months though – studying the light and really thinking about it, I think we might just stick with the white walls! They make the space bright and look larger than it is. They’ve grown on me.

  2. We just moved into a place that has all white and grey interiors. I’ve spent hours on Pinterest looking for ways to add some color. Although neutrals have my heart, a little color pops!

  3. Love that pink lamp! I might have to get that orange and white vase. It would be perfect in my apartment where most of my furniture is dark with lots of colored accents on them.

    Savvy City Chic

  4. I am with you on the white interiors with pops of color. My home pinterest board is filled with neutral decor for the most part with some fuses of color in it. Cannot wait when I get my own space and can fulfill all my pinterest dreams!

  5. I am definitely a sucker for standout/bold furniture pieces, but there’s definitely a huge appeal for classic looks that you can just switch out a few pieces!
    xx, Mikkaela

  6. I love this idea of working with a neutral backdrop and incorporating color with accessories! I just moved to a new apartment not long ago. I only plan to be in this place for about a year and then I’ll move in with my boyfriend. I want to buy pieces that can easily transition from one place to the next and using accessories to brighten up a space is the perfect way to do that (especially since I can’t paint the walls in my apartment!). Thanks for the great ideas.

    – Kelsey