I have literally thousands of interiors that inspire me cataloged on my Pinterest boards and love the idea of sitting down to decorate a new space with these images in my arsenal. Recreating the feel of the spaces I love with similar pieces in a totally different city or at a completely different price point is such a fun challenge and one that I’d like to showcase more of on the blog. When I stumbled upon this colorful Melbourne apartment, it felt like the perfect way to kick off a new series!


Isn’t it stunning? I love the subtle bohemian feel and the thoughtful use of color in the accessories. Here’s how I’d replicate the same vibe:

design darling e-decorating

chandelier  //  pineapple print  //  abstract print  //  surf print  //  hot pink lamp  //  side table  //  tufted sofa

ikat throw pillows  //  tassel pillow  //  fiddle leaf fig tree  //  ikat floor pillows  //  navy Moroccan rug

How’d I do? Are you interested in seeing more posts like this one? Could you live in the space above? Let’s hear it!

Shop the room:


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  1. Love this post and would love to see more! I’m always looking for ways to replicate spaces I see on Pinterest or in mags, and you’ve taken the guess work out with inspired items. Wouldn’t mind posting up in this happy, vibrant space either…

  2. I love the inspiration picture and this is a fun series!! I would love to see a couple of these every month 🙂
    Stay warm and dry in this snow storm!

  3. i LOVE this type of content; “shopping the look” of a gorgeous, inspiring space (way more so than an outfit) is my weakness. i can’t wait to see what else you recreate.

  4. I love it! And I’d love to see my posts like this, or even posts where you show how to get certain vibes at different price points/life points (like for the college student, post-grad, etc.).