I’ve had this cashmere cable cardigan in my closet for a year or two now but I’ve only worn it outside my apartment once or twice. This might sound silly but it makes me feel older than I am — specifically, like a suburban mom. Will saw me wearing it around my apartment once and asked me what on earth I was wearing… and I totally get it. On the one hand, it’s possibly the coziest thing I own. On the other, waring it with leggings and ballet flats, I look like I should be hopping into a huge SUV and schlepping my kids to soccer practice. But I think I’ve finally figured out how to wear it: with white jeans and riding boots. Oh and a faux fur infinity scarf, because it’s been my saving grace this winter.

cashmere cable cardigan

winter white outfit

kate spade riding boots

faux fur infinity scarf

Goodnight Macaroon pearl studs ℅  //  Faux fur infinity scarf  //  Cashmere cable cardigan (similar)  //  J.Crew white t-shirt  //  Michael Kors double leather strap watch  //  Henri Bendel Carlyle tote bag ℅  //  Lilly Pulitzer white jeans  //  Kate Spade riding boots (similar)

Am I crazy or do you see what I mean? Maybe it’s because I’m 5’1″ and the long cardigan kind of envelopes me but I think the heeled riding boots help it feel more appropriate for a 25-year-old. Or maybe I just stick to wearing it inside. 😉 Weigh in in the comments!

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*Photos by Anabella Veress


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  1. This is definitely a great way to style the sweater! The winter white jeans and tall camel boots are on-trend for the winter and balance out the sweater. It’s a very Ralph Lauren/Michael Kors type of look!

  2. Oh I totally know what you mean! I think it’s a petite girl thing. I have a similar long cardigan and I tend to belt it with a colorful skinny belt and my most fitted pants and top.

  3. Haha. I live right around the corner and literally saw you on Hudson the other day and almost said hi but didn’t want to be creepy. Anyway, you look cute!

  4. Wow! I never associated the words “chic” and “cardigan” together before but you’re totally making it work! Loving all the winter white jean inspiration as well – gorgeous!

  5. I love this outfit! And the beige cardigan looks absolutely lovely against your red hair. I literally never comment on blog posts but I had to on this one. I love that it’s a little different and unique – not many people would think of putting together this combination of things. I’m tired of all the blogger OOTD that display all the most basic of items (like rockstuds, Chanel boy bags, leather leggings…) so this is a nice refreshing choice!

  6. Mackenzie,

    I agree that the look is elegant and suits you very well. If you’d like to make it younger looking, perhaps switch out the bag and earrings for something with more color/pattern and not as traditional as pearls.

    On another note, as a semi-suburban mother of three, I feel like I need to represent my people…No one wears cashmere to soccer practice, so you’re good.

  7. I have a surburban-mom/grandma looking cardigan as well. I usually pair it with more modern and youthful pieces to balance it out. Like, a black embellished sweater or a plaid button up underneath.

    I think those navy OTK boots and jeans you wore in another post would look great with the cardigan. Ooh, and a window pane blouse. Would look awesome and comfy.

  8. I am guilty of wearing my white jeans and riding boots the other day and my friends were all looking at me funny! I’m glad I’m not the only one that does it. I love the way you styled yours!

    Xo, Rach
    Seashells + Sparkles

  9. Love, love, love this outfit! I think you rocked the look and definitely kept things youthful. Your handbag is a beauty. Is it heavy?

  10. Bahahah. I wear something like this all the time. Every day this week, in fact! And guess what? I’m a suburban mom.:-) I agree tho; it does look fab on you.

  11. You do NOT look like a soccer mom!!! I think you made a great choice with the boots and scarf! You look so amazing no matter what you are wearing. But truly, this is a fantastic outfit!

  12. i love it! so chic! i sort of see what you mean – EEQ would totally rock this look 🙂 – but i think you look fab!

  13. I like it with the riding boots and white jeans. I am wondering how it might look if you tried to belt it to give it more shape.

  14. At 4’11” I completely understand feeling like your clothes are taking you over, but I think you pull this off wonderfully–just mature enough, and just youthful enough too!