With any luck, 2015 is going to be a year of travel for me and I couldn’t be more excited. Right now I have trips in the works with my family, my boyfriend, my girlfriends in the city, and my girlfriends from college. Eeeee! Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets overwhelmed planning a trip. It’s super fun (travel is the ultimate luxury in my book) but can get really stressful when you have to take into account a bunch of conflicting schedules, budgets, and preferred destinations.

I’m definitely still in the brainstorming stage, meaning there aren’t too many stakes in the ground, which is both a blessing and a curse as far as research goes. Because it’s been on my mind a ton lately, I’d love to hear from you: if you could travel anywhere in the world right this very moment, where would it be? Here are a few destinations I can’t get out of my head…






Giraffe Manor, Kenya


San Clemente, California


Tulum, Mexico


The Amalfi Coast



What’s topping your travel wishlist right now? Any trip planning wisdom you care to share?


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  1. I lived in London during college, I went to Kenya in high school (seriously cannot recommend it enough! Safari should be a must on everyone’s bucket lists), and I went to Paris after I graduated high school. Next on my list is Croatia, the Cayman Islands and Charleston…. lots of C’s apparently!

  2. I’m currently studying abroad now in London and I absolutely love it! If you plan on going on a trip to Europe, try to hit two places! It’s so easy to travel to Paris from London, it’s just a two hour train. I definitely suggest doing London and Paris!

  3. All of these are on my list! I also really want to go to Santorini! Also, San Clemente is very close to me. You and Amy should come visit and we can road trip. San Diego, San Clemente, LA, Malibu and Palm Springs. Also, I need to take you ladies to Catalina!

  4. Girl, this was too good not to comment on- I actually live in San Clemente and was literally on the website for Giraffe Manor lodge THIS MORNING! We are hoping to go to South Africa (i first went 10 years ago) and Kenya this year- fun facts: the lodge is $525-900 per person, per night AND you have to get the yellow fever vaccine and may not be allowed to travel from Kenya to other parts of Africa, even with it ( I asked while getting my vaccines last week for my upcoming trip to India).. All that to say, I spend approx 10 hours a week researching and planning exotic and glamorous trips around the world, but sometimes need a swift reality check to help me stay on track… But to answer the question: the top places on my list for this year are India, Puerto Vallarta/Oaxaca/Guanajuato Mexico, and South Africa & Kenya,… Wanna house sit!? 😉 but, seriously. ~Hailey

  5. I would love to go back to Carmel, California! While the beaches and Valley are gorgeous, the downtown area is adorable and always fun to shop and walk around in. The food selection, which ranges from cheap picnic deli sandwiches to exquisite Italian dishes, is also great!

  6. We’re planning a trip to Outer Banks in May and then Nicaragua in November which I can’t wait. Tips – always have a trip in the works or on the horizon. It makes getting through the regular work week so much better with anticipation. Have activities planned, but also buffer in just walking around and emersion time when in another country or culture. It really helps to get to know the area if you’re not running around just looking at tourist stuff.

  7. I just spent the greater part of last week stranded in New Orleans due to weather. You’re right, travel can be wonderous, but stressful (and pricey). A few things I learned from my experiences.. Cruises not for me, Trip Advisor reviews a godsend, and just how beautiful our country is to explore.

  8. I recently came back from NYC and I’m heading to Europe in the summer. As of right now, If I could I’d go to Santorini, Greece. Good Luck on you travel planning!

  9. Lately I’ve been really lusting after Tanzania for some reason…but for the moment, I’m excited about my upcoming Morocco trip! Two weeks from today, I leave to explore the Sahara desert (camping under the stars included) and see some of Africa’s tallest waterfalls for about a week and a half! Then it’s off to Seville for a couple days before returning to Châteauroux. Gotta love being a teacher and getting all of the school breaks!

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  10. Oh, travel. 2014 was my year of travel, and it was amazing! I studied abroad in Normandy, France (the town of Caen, to be specific), and travelled to London, Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Paris, and a ton of cute little French towns. 🙂 If I could go anywhere that I haven’t been before, I’d probably go to Morocco, or somewhere in Southern Spain.

  11. I’m heading to Costa Rica this summer and can’t wait! My family went to Tuscany two summers ago and it was gorgeous. We stayed in Sienna and drove to different towns each day. It was the perfect trip – especially for food lovers.

  12. Always wanted to visit Paris – perhaps I’ll make it this year. Been to the ruins at Tulum but keep hearing about the town to visit. We stayed in Akumal and it had a really nice beach.

  13. I just got done studying abroad in Ireland and absolutely loved it! There was so much to do and we traveled around Europe so much! I highly recommend Ireland (literally anywhere), Paris, and Florence.

    San Clemente is wonderful too! I grew up in San Diego, so just an hour south and think you would love visiting either towns.

    Happy Travels! Prepare yourself for wanderlust!

  14. I completely hear you- I’ve had such a case of wanderlust recently too! I’m dying to go to Tulum as well and of course London and Paris. If you do go to The Amalfi Coast, check out my blog- I did a few posts about our trip there last September and our favorite restaurants. Positano has my hear for like ever.. It is seriously the most beautiful place, you would love it Mackenzie! Happy Planning, xoxo!

  15. I would definitely go back to Italy–I love Florence! Jordan is a beautiful country to visit–the jewel of the Middle East. I would also love to visit Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. At the same time though, I’m so happy living in Florida and wouldn’t mind just enjoying my beautiful state forever–with an occasional Caribbean cruise! xo Ash

    The Yellow Petunia

  16. THE AMALFI COAST! Hands down. My boyfriend went a few years ago and wants to move there. If you go, check out Positano.

    Also, California is awesome. I went for a week this past September and the Pacific Coast Highway is the stuff dreams are made of. Happy traveling 🙂

  17. giraffe manor is so wonderful; tanya and mikey, its owners, (and their three adorable kids) are incredibly lovely as well. highly, highly recommend – the trip of a lifetime – though kenya is somewhere to maybe hold off on for a couple years. one for the bucket list!

  18. You should look into an app called Hopper that gives you info on when to book flights for the cheapest anywhere you are going. It helped me get super cheap tickets to Nicaragua in May!

  19. Great choices! I love to travel myself, and I just got back from studying abroad in London!!! I’d highly recommend London, as well as any of the other places I went (Edinburgh, Scotland; Dublin, Ireland; Pembrokshire Coast, Wales; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain; Munich, Germany; Salzburg, Austria).
    Currently, I’m dying to go to Costa Rica and Peru!
    Can’t wait to hear where you decide 🙂

  20. I want to go to Paris and the Giraffe Manor SO badly!! I would absolutely jump on a plane and head right back to Spain this very second if I could, I just totally fell in love with it. I have also been told that I should make a trip to California a priority at some point in my life.

    Southern Belle Secrets

  21. Each of these places looks absolutely beautiful! Tuscany and London have always been on my list, but I will definitely have to add Giraffe Manor, that’s too cool!
    xx, Mikkaela

  22. 2015 is also going to be the year of travel for me too! I just got finalized and accepted to study abroad in London this fall! Though I will be missing all of my friends and life in Lewisburg, I know it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have been making list of the places and things that I want to do. The top of my list is Greece, Spain, Italy and France!

    Emma || http://www.emmasheehy.com
    P.S. Just uploaded my first video correlating post- a nice throwback to dorm life at the Buck!

  23. Oh! Nice list! The only one I haven’t spent time in is Tulum (though Cancun wasn’t too far north of there). I have got to say that you can never lose with Tuscany. I can’t imagine going too long without a trip to Porto Santo Stefano (and the rest of Monte Argentario). It really is heaven on earth.
    Paris and London also never get old. My favorite time to head to London is in the spring for the Boat Race. In my opinion, that weekend truly is London at its best. And Paris…well, Paris is always Paris. If I ever say no to Paris, I’ve clearly lost my mind. My best friend is at culinary school there now and I’m desperately trying to find a time in my crazy work schedule to visit.
    I would recommend taking Kenya off the list for the time being. I was there for three weeks this past summer and it just is not a safe time to visit. While things may have improved, almost all westerners had been evacuated during our visit. On the other hand, the giraffes in Nairobi will eat right out of your hand and it is an incredibly beautiful country.
    Overall, a fantastic list. The only place I would add would be Bali. Can’t wait to hear where you end up going!

  24. We talked about taking a trip to the Caribbean, as neither of us have been there before, but now we’re thinking about taking a trip to Italy maybe instead?! We thought it might be fun to take a train and travel around to see different areas. Venice, Florence, Rome, the Amalfi coast and some of the little towns in between. It’s sure fun to think about, but yes, very overwhelming!

  25. First of all, what a cute blog you have here! And how great is that you have so many travel plans, it’s the best way to spend time with your family and friends. I know what you mean, it can be overwhelming sometimes, but once you are there, nothing else matters. I would love to go to Tuscany and Thailand, those are at the top of my list 🙂

  26. We definitely have a running list of places we want to visit- I’ve been dying to go to the Greek islands and explore more of Europe. Our last big trip was to Paris, which fulfilled a lifelong dream. I’d suggest not overplanning too much- we had a lot of downtime that we could’ve taken day trips around France but instead sat at a cafe & really enjoyed Parisian life.

  27. I am dreaming of traveling to Scandinavian countries at the moment – Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark. I’m also dreaming of visiting the United Kingdom and Australia. State-wise I’m dreaming about my trip to NYC this weekend, visiting Coeur D’Alene, Idaho and Glacier National Park this summer, Seattle in the fall and many hikes through Grand Teton National Park this summer.

  28. i’ve been feeling the same way! my three best friends and i just planned a trip to istanbul for two weeks in july – we happened to find great flights and just went for it. i also have a ski trip out to vail in two weeks with my boyfriend and best friend and australia with my boyfriend’s family in early 2016… still want to get one more trip on the books; wanderlust is striking hard!

  29. Now is a great time to visit Europe; the exchange rate is lower than it has been in a very long time. Flights, however, have been very high. If there is a destination you want to see, but the flight is more than you can swing, taking a train is often a great option. Just find a nearby city that is less expensive to fly into, and take a train to your destination. This is a great choice because it allows you to see a lot of the in-between and to see parts of various countries you wouldn’t otherwise see along the way.

  30. Such a fun post to read on this cold, snowy morning. New Zealand is high on our list. The element of adventure seems enticing. Also, my aunt recently returned from an African safari with Abercrombie and Kent and raved about the experience. Since my husband turns forty this year, we have a few trips planned. One is to the Ocean House in Rhode Island, which I hear is fabulous!

  31. Yes yes yes. I am bringing my passport papers to the post office today, my friend!

    For me, Tulum, Palm Springs, Malibu, Miami, London…the list goes on.

  32. I have a long. long list of places I want to travel. My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to San Francisco in April which will be my first time to the West Coast! If money and time were no object I would absolutely hop on the first flight to Greece, specifically Santorini. It looks like the most amazing place. I would also kill to go back to Paris and Ireland is actually high up on my list as well.

    – Kelsey

  33. I have a seriously long list of places I would like to go, but topping that list is England, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Paris. I’d want to tour around the first four countries, but I’d just want to stick around Paris if I went to France.