1. Affordable over-the-knee boots.

2. How to make a naked cake. Yum!

3. How to rent a vacation home.

4. How to stand in heels for 8 hours without killing your feet.

5. I swear I’ve been searching for the perfect shirtdress for over a year now. Of course I’d find it here!

6. Love how Grace matched her lipstick to her beanie — a fun little pop of color for these gray winter days.

7. My friend Katie launched a new style called When Time Stood Still. How brilliant is that?

8. So, so, so proud of my friend Hallie. #girlpower

9. The most important financial habits to establish by age 30.

10. The perfect navy sweater.


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  1. The post on how to stand in heels for extended periods of time is a godsend and I’m dying over the #WhenTimeStoodStill concept, I want one of those watches!!!
    xx, Mikkaela