If there’s one thing no closet can have too much of, it would be a tie between tops and shoes (though this freezing winter has me thinking these outerwear options should stay in the mix). Okay, so that was more like three things, but you catch my drift.

Here’s my reasoning: grab your favorite pair of jeans, throw on a simple top, add a colorful shoe, and you’ve got instant style and infinite ways to reinvent your look. Honestly my dream closet probably consists of a hundred well-tailored shirts, a dozen pairs of dark wash denim, and a wall of shoes in every height and hue, with a few classic dresses for parties and weddings. It’s the uniform I’m most comfortable — and therefore confident — in. Comfort, confidence, and everyday ease… Who can say no to that?

Here are ten tops I’d like to find hanging in my closet, like, yesterday:

10 tops i love right now

one   //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five

six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten

Can you tell I’m looking forward to a blue/green/white moment for spring? I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite. This is possibly the only crop top I’ll ever describe as chic, this I wore in Saint Martin and is now on sale (don’t you love when that happens…), this was love at first sight, and this is somehow only $30 with its perfectly preppy grosgrain trim. How many days until spring again?! (Too many. Thirty-two.)

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  1. Love these tops! I feel as if you can still wear all of these in the winter. That’s why we have long coats, right? Luckily, winter is just for a few more weeks. Also, love the pictures you put up on Instagram from the Kate Spade presentation. Can it be Fall already so we can get those gorgeous pieces?!