Confession: I’ve recently rediscovered my love for HGTV shows like House Hunters and Love It Or List It Too. Don’t get me wrong, I can still get down with a Bravo marathon or a Homeland binge, but there’s something nice about curling up for a wholesome half hour where no one’s cursing, screaming, or flipping tables. Will and I always have fun guessing which house they’ll choose or whether they’ll love or list their current place. (The one caveat? It kills me to see how much further your money goes almost anywhere but New York!)

An added bonus for falling in love with HGTV again? I have a total style crush on Jillian Harris, the interior designer on Love It Or List It Too. I don’t know how she does it but she always looks incredible and put together, whether she’s walking through a scary “before” house or breaking bad news to the homeowners. Luckily for all of us, Jillian has a blog where she shares some of her outfit details! Here are a few of my favorite looks…

jillian harris style

jillian harris style


jillian harris style

jillian harris style

jillian harris style

jillian harris style

She can rock literally any color and always looks cute as a button. I already follow Jillian on Instagram but now I’ll be checking her blog for additional inspiration! What other blogs are you loving these days? Always looking to add some fresh faces to my Feedly!

P.S. Speaking of TV obsessions, does anyone recognize Jillian from her days as The Bachelorette? And who’s watching this season of The Bachelor? Because I for one cannot get enough. I watch on Hulu the day after it airs or else I’d be tweeting up a storm during each episode. Are you watching? Who’s your favorite for Chris? And who are you hoping will be the next Bachelorette? Please tell me I’m not alone in thinking this season is particularly addicting…!


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  1. ahhhh love jillian harris, she’s the best! also, love watching the bachelor this season. so. entertaining! okay, if i were a betting person, chris chooses Whitney! Thoughts?! I hope he does because i think they would be good for each other!

  2. Ah, Jillian is my obsession. I love her! And yes, her style is amazing. She recently retweeted and replied to a tweet of mine and I almost died 😉 My husband was on her season of the Bachelorette and I am rather jealous that I wasn’t the one to meet her! xo

  3. Ah, Jillian is my obsession. I love her! And yes, her style is amazing. She recently retweeted and replied to a tweet of mine and I almost died 😉 My husband was on her season of the Bachelorette and I am rather jealous that I wasn’t the one to meet her! xo

  4. Girl, I am with you on all fronts – rediscovered my love for HGTV last year, adore the outfits you’ve pulled and am also gamely following along with The Bachelor (slightly shocked with myself but w/e, roommates will have that effect on TV preferences! 🙂 ) Personally, I’m hoping he picks Whitney – she seems really sweet and genuinely great for him…however I will say that the little stunt with wine last week was a LOT!

  5. Don’t feel bad when you watch House Hunters, I recently worked on an episode where they “listed a house” (which wasn’t actually for sale) for a full $200,000 less than what it would actually go for. Ahhhhh the magic of “reality” TV.

  6. I was going to say I recognize her from the Bachelor! This season is soooo good. I think it has to do with all the crazies on this season. I swear it’s because the Bachelor lives in such a small town that only crazies signed up for this season.

    Savvy City Chic

  7. Hi there, I am OBSESSED with Jillian too!!! And I loved her on the Bachelorette and Bachelor….Love her voice, style and everything she does to the houses! Wish she would come to CT…..

    As for the new Bachelor, both my husband and I LOVE it!! I love all the girls left, thank god he got rid of Bree. Here are my favorites in order, Whitney, Katelyn and Becca.

    Thanks for all your posts! I love them!


  8. Ah! I LOVE Jillian. I am actually binge watching Love It or List It, Too right now so this is a wonderfully timed and welcome post. You know it is an entertaining show when your husband tunes in to watch the reveals with you. Thanks for introducing me to Jillian’s blog. Can’t wait to check it out.

  9. hunting down that green skirt right now!

    omggg i love HGTV shows, sometimes the people one House Hunters can be crazy infuriating but its always fun to watch and see what they pick (i’m 50/50 for agreeing with their choices lol)

  10. I’ve followed Jillian since her days as the Bachelorette (so guilty of loving that show), and her style is impeccable! I don’t watch Love It or List It… but I’m thinking I might need to start. And yes, this particular season of the Bachelor is the most entertaining and addictive… kudos to the casting directors! I think Chris has done a good job paring down his final ladies and I love them all for different reasons. But I think Whitney is best for him and her hometown date was so sweet. 🙂 PS – Britt really rubbed me the wrong way, so I don’t want to see her as the next Bachelorette. I’m hoping it’s Carly, Kaitlyn, or even someone from a past season.

  11. She does look super cute all the time, doesn’t she? I’m with you on just wanting to watch a nice show every now and then…it can start to seem like everything is so dramatic all the time!

  12. YES, Jillian is totally adorable. I watch Love It or List It all the time, it’s one of my faves (along with Property Brothers!) and follow Jillian’s blog & insta, too! Love her style. And I so agree, this season of The Bachelor is definitely keeping me on my toes! I’ve been a Whitney fan since early on, but have really grown to like Kaitlyn the last few weeks! This is the first time in a long time though that I like all the remaining girls? Usually I find it’s left with one great one and one terrible one!

  13. I don’t have cable TV so everytime I see her on my instagram I always associate her with the Bachelor/Bachelorette. She is definitely stylish so I can only imagine how she is on Love it or List it. Haven’t been keeping up to date with the Bachelor this season (shocker for everyone who knows me haha) but I’ve been hearing it’s good!

  14. Thank you so much for introducing me to Jillian’s blog. That pink shirt with the hearts on the elbows? Need now.

    When I had cable I pretty much had HGTV on in the background all the time. Property Brothers is one of my favorites and House Hunters International is always fun. I have to say though Love It or List It is one of my least favorites just because everyone always seems to be fighting! Interior designer vs. Realtor. Husband vs. wife. Wife vs. interior designer. You get the picture. I love seeing if they choose to love or list the house, but all the scripted fighting really gets me.

    – Kelsey

  15. I also LOVE HGTV! It gives me hope for when I move out of the city soon…. but I’d point out that she is the host of Love It or List It Too, not the original…. don’t get me wrong I love both, but people might be disappointed when they turn on Love It or List It and she’s not there 😉
    Another great channel I like for home design things is FYI – Tiny House Nation is SO intriguing!!

  16. I’m completely hooked on this season too! I only started watching the show recently (as of Juan Pablo’s season) and have to confess that I look forward to watching it weekly now. I’m totally rooting for the Louisiana chick (the virgin) to win, I think she meshes perfectly with Chris!

  17. My roommate and I look forward to our Bachelor Night every week! And Jillian goes down in history as one of my favorite Bachelorettes. SPOILER ALERT- After Brit’s recent rude behavior and freak out I am SO GLAD she’s gone and seriously hope she’s not the next bachelorette.