Confession time. You know my apartment? The one with the colorful gallery wall and tidy desktop? It is messy. So so messy. No matter how hard I try to stay on top of it, I can’t seem to keep up with my own messes. Clothes piled on top of chairs, dog toys scattered all over the floor, and a perennially unmade bed (because no one ever talks about how hard it is to make a bed that’s touching more than one wall). Keeping a tiny studio apartment tidy is no joke. And so until my next must-clean-everything-in-sight mad dash strikes, I will sit here and daydream about beautifully organized spaces or just, you know, space.

caitlin wilson kitchen open shelving rue magazine

I’ll take this kitchen

how to style a bar cart

with this perfectly styled bar cart

pendleton hudson stripe blanket gallery wall

this gallery wall

turquoise desk lamp

this workspace (or at least a turquoise desk lamp)…

sunglasses display

this accessory display (seriously, how brilliant are these?)…

all white bookshelves campaign dresser

these bookshelves

domaine home bedroom inspiration

and especially this bedroom.

Is this weather making anyone else a little stir crazy?!


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  1. Oh my gosh I am losing my mind with this weather! All I can do is think about the vacations I wish I was going on sometime in the near future. February is the worst!

  2. Best tip for making a bed that’s in the corner, buy a flat sheet and duvet in the size bigger than your bed, that way you can tuck it under your mattress on the side against the wall, and it doesn’t pull out when you toss in your sleep. It’s a pain in the ass to make your bed when you change sheets but makes your life easier the rest of the time! Also, baskets and hidden storage pieces really help. I need my space to always be clean or else I can’t function.

  3. Oh my gosh, I am the messiest, but I find looking at well organized pictures soooo soothing. I love the colors in all these pictures too, and I always think pellegrino is worth the extra money just for the pretty bottles, haha.

  4. You are right, making a bed that is close to the wall can be a pain to make! Personally, if my bed is made my house feels pulled together immediately {regardless of the messes or how many dust bunnies are floating around}! I bet your apartment is cute even in the midst of chaos!

  5. I think the weather is actually making me borderline insane, so if you are a just a bit stir crazy you are ahead of the game!

    I love the books stacked at the foot of the bed – how cute! And your blog now officially has me 100% convinced I need a bar cart.

    Stay warm!! xx