Was this just a really tough week for anyone else? Suffice it to say another foot of snow was the last thing we needed. I just read that this past month was the coldest February since 1934. I’m not sure how those of you farther north are still hanging in there — these pictures absolutely blew my mind. How many days until spring again?! I can’t wait to get back to puppy playdates and outfit pictures and being able to walk outside without losing feeling in my fingers. Who’s with me?

I really should be focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel: I get to see a bunch of my friends at a concert tomorrow, I leave for London on Monday, and I have some huge news that I’ll finally be able to share when I get back. I hate keeping secrets from you guys and this one has been slowly killing me! Here’s hoping brighter, happier, sunnier days are just around the corner. Stay warm out there! xx

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  1. This week has just been horrible with the snow and just all of the work I’ve had to do this week in general. Spring break is being welcomed with wide open arms! Let’s just hope the temperature gets to a good place too!

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