I’ve raved about Gray Malin’s aerial photography on Design Darling before and I know you’re going to love his newest series Au Parc. Shot from a helicopter and focused on urban parks all over the globe, they’re quite literally a breath of fresh air. Available in sizes ranging from 12″x18″ to 48″x32″, they’re either the perfect addition to a gallery wall or a statement piece ideal for above a fireplace, headboard, or sofa. I’ve pulled a few of my favorite pieces below but be sure to check out the whole collection here! 

gray malin central park

Central Park

gray malin hyde park london

Hyde Park, London

gray malin kensington palace gardens

Kensington Palace Gardens, London

gray malin manhattan



Parc Guell, Barcelona

gray malin statue of liberty

Statue of Libertygray malin the bean

The Bean

I have to say I’m even more impressed by Gray Malin’s work after taking my own New York helicopter tour. It’s not easy to get the right angle or colors from up that high! I guess I’ll leave that to the professionals. 😉 Do you own a Gray Malin photo? Where is it hanging in your home? And lastly, did you choose one based on where you live or one of your favorite places you’ve traveled? Trying to decide which one of the above needs to come home with me… After this week in London, it might just be this one!


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  1. These photos cannot literally be a breath of fresh air. Sorry, but I couldn’t stop myself from making this comment – it’s a huge pet peeve! Love his work though and the blog though.

  2. I am obsessed with Gray Malin! I’m redecorating my bedroom and can’t which print I would like to add. Neon Umbrellas is always a favorite of mine and the aerial shot of Trafalgar Square is amazing. But how can you not love the Banana Peel one as well. Such hard decisions. Maybe I just need them all? hahah I wish!

  3. Wow! These are amazing!! I don’t own one yet, but I’m thinking of getting the one of Central Park – I don’t live in New York anymore but I lived in Morningside Heights for 4 years, and this is the perfect combination of nostalgic and classy.

  4. My Gray Malin aerial photo of Central Park was my first purchase for my apartment in the city and I’m still obsessed with it two years later. His vibrant colors and whimsical touch are such a fresh addition to any space. I may have to invest in one of these photos to add to my collection!

  5. I love Gray Malin’s work – especially his beautiful beach photos. I’d love to hang the Central Park picture and the Statue of Liberty one in my apartment. 🙂