I love reflecting on the pieces in my wardrobe that get the most wear season after season. (Obviously it’s way more fun than thinking about the things I spent too much money on and only wore a handful of times…) A few examples? Skinny jeans are at the top of the list every season. I’ve wore my Stuart Weitzman boots so much that they cost me practically pennies per wear. There’s a Phillip Lim dress I scored on Gilt that I’ve worn to so many parties and weddings I’m worried my friends have started to wonder whether it’s the only dress I own. (Oops! Note to self: stock up this spring.)

Another piece you’ve seen on Design Darling time and again: the navy schoolboy blazer. I picked mine up at J.Crew at least three years ago and I still find a way to wear it at least once a week. In fact, I’ve totally justified picking up blazers in other colors and textures because I get so much use out of them! Here are a few ways I’ve styled my favorite blazers in months (and years!) past:


navy schoolboy blazer

j.crew navy schoolboy blazer



If you’re looking to buy your first blazer, I can’t recommend the J.Crew navy schoolboy blazer more highly. It’s perfectly fitted with pretty gold buttons on each sleeve and can be layered over anything: cashmere sweaters, oxford shirts, silk tanks, and even plain white t-shirts on mornings when you have time to mull over what to wear.

If you already own a schoolboy blazer and you’re looking to add more blazers to your closet, I’m loving these similar styles in chambray, metallic linen, stretch wool (in a longer length!), and tipped twill!


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  1. Could you talk about how you take care of your blazers? I can’t dry clean mine after every wear ($$$, and the chemicals are off-putting), but I always have concerns about smells, pit stains, deodorant residue, etc. Any suggestions?

  2. I love how blazers can dress up an otherwise casual, comfy outfit. Perfect for last minute meetings or nights out! I think my wardrobe staple is a light jacket I got at Topshop last year – I had no idea how often I’d wear it but it’s actually great for fall, spring, and even some winter days!!

  3. I was just looking in my closet and realizing my blazers needed an upgrade, so this post comes at perfect timing! I especially love the Regent blazer from J.Crew! Classic with a twist!