I’ve used the same wallet for probably three or four years now, a tan leather wallet that matches my first Tory Burch handbag purchase. It’s held up reasonably well over the years but I recently broke the zipper and decided it’s time for a replacement. I’m really more of a shoe girl than the type to covet the newest leather goods but I figure a new wallet is an easy upgrade that I’ll use for years to come (which, sadly, is more than I can say for any pair of shoes that I wore on the streets of New York). Here are 12 chic wallets that have caught my eye:

12 chic wallets for women

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six

seven (matches my dream bag)  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten  //  eleven  //  twelve

I love the bright colors on this one and I tend to say yes to anything scalloped but I can’t believe this one is under $100! Decisions, decisions… Which one would you choose?

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  1. I have the kate spade scalloped wallet and love it! It’s size is awesome if you have a lot of smaller purses while still giving you the size of a big wallet. It’s also so cute to carry when you don’t wanna carry a purse. The only downside is that it’s difficult to organize cash in there.

  2. I have been on the hunt for a wallet too! I have a random Loft one I bought in an act of desperation maybe 4 years ago and it’s time for an upgrade. I’m thinking Kelly green and it’s just a matter of finding the right one 🙂

  3. we’d be happy to send you a wallet, or even 2or 3 …we have pink, navy, black, cream, turquoise and Orange ..it would be our pleasure and you could have one for each outfit ! Send me an email with a ship to address. Either andreastieff@gmail or BosomBuddyBags@gmail

  4. maybe one of these is hobo (didn’t click all the links!) but the hobo lauren is my favorite wallet. i have two (one solid black, one floral pattern) and they hold up SO well. i occasionally will switch to another wallet but always find myself switching back. they are on the larger side but can easily double as a clutch… check ’em out!

  5. The Continental wallets are far more functional than the zip arounds. I’ve found that when a zip around wallet also has a zip coin holder in the interior, the two zipper handles don’t always function well together.

    I have the same Coach Continental wallet (from the 1980’s!) for all of these years – it’s still perfectly lovely, and I have added a couple other Continental wallets to my small collection.

    I would choose number 7 for it’s functionality and I have a feeling, it would last as long as my vintage Coach, or I would choose number 11. Happy shopping!

  6. I’ve had my Kate Spade wallet for FIVE YEARS and it looks brand new! It’s a red patent leather zip one and it has held up so well. I almost want it to break so I have a reason to buy a new one, haha!