This was our last week before Will starts his new job on Monday so we knew we had to make lots of progress unpacking and settling in to the rest of the house. We’re still a long way from the finish line in the living area and the home office but the most functional rooms (kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms) are finally organized and in working order. Getting all the clutter off our kitchen counters and sliding our new bar stools underneath the island for the first time was so gratifying. I am so excited to have a real kitchen (and pantry!) to stock with groceries and pots and pans (it’s the little things, especially after life in New York!).

serena and lily riviera bar stools navy

I’ve been envisioning Serena & Lily’s Riviera counter stools in the space ever since we closed on the house and they definitely did not disappoint. Shipping was crazy fast (especially since I ordered them during a 20% off sale) and they’re just as beautiful as I hoped they would be! You might also recognize the mirrored bar cart (tray here, stand here) from the One Room Challenge, which somehow made it in one piece from New York. It’s in between the kitchen and living area for right now but we’ll see where it winds up once our sectional arrives in a few weeks.

I’m having so much fun ticking away at our to do list and even deciding which purchases are most pressing. We’ve been labeling everything either “have to have” (e.g. kitchen stools so we have a place to eat) or “nice to have” (like the perfect dining table and chairs or upgrading the guest bedroom mattress from a full to a queen — we’ve been sleeping there until our bed arrives next week!). Since this is our first time living together, it’s funny to see which items we have duplicates of (bathroom scales, too many mismatched end tables) and which items somehow neither of us owns (most kitchen necessities). Thankfully Will’s mom has been helping us set up shop so the two of us can become master chefs one of these days (yeah, we’ve got a looong way to go). Here are a few kitchen tools that are practically pretty enough to keep on display:

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  1. The unpacking part is my all time favorite!!!! I have unpacked plenty of times and I have to say unpacking is my favorite part; especially finding stuff you forgot you had or reworking decor stuff to something more exciting well to you. Your place is going to be amazing! Enjoy the process but you will feel better when the necessities like closet and kitchen oh and bathroom are done!
    Thanks for letting us into your home to see how it’s coming along!!!



  2. Mackenzie, I am LOVING reading about your new place!! That is so exciting. I double check your blog everyday to see if you’ve posted about it. I am an interior designer so it goes without saying that I would be obsessed with reading and seeing your new place in Dallas!!! Congratulations!