I have a confession to make: I haven’t crossed anything off my 101 in 1001 list in probably a month. It might not sound terrible, but if you do the math, I should average crossing off one goal every 10 days, so this is definitely a setback! Of course it’s natural for priorities to shift during a cross-country move, but I’ve even had a tough time getting back into it since we arrived in Dallas. I finally realized the reason: there was a whole New York section of my list, about half of which I had completed, and I wasn’t sure how to reconcile those goals with the fact that 1) I no longer live there and 2) want to take advantage of my new city.

design darling | editing your goals to match your life

So I finally made myself sit down, shorten my list of New York goals, and create a few goals I want to tackle in Dallas. I kept a few New York goals since we’ll be back to visit plenty of times (and we had already a booked a New York staycation for a Taylor Swift concert in July, which will now be more of a vacation!). I’m really excited to get back into the swing of things now that I’ve made a few tweaks to my list to reflect recent (big) changes in my life. I’m now a strong believer in editing your goals to match your life and wanted to encourage you to do the same if you’ve been in a similar rut.

For those of you chugging away at your own 101 in 1001 lists (more than 130 and counting!), it’s never too late to change course and edit your goals to ones you’re more motivated to tackle. Whether you’ve outgrown a certain goal, developed new passions, or, yes, changed cities, it’s great to catch your list up to speed so you stay inspired to keep crossing off your goals!

You can see my freshly edited list here and, as always, tweet me your list if you’re inspired to write one! I’ll add you to the bottom of my list so other readers can click over and check out your progress. I occasionally guilt myself that writing about interiors and style is rather frivolous… But then I remind myself that if each one of you crossed off one of the goals you’ve written down because this blog inspired you to write your own 101 in 1001 list, I will have changed the world in some small way. Go get ’em!


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  1. A fun thing to add to your Dallas to-do list is that in the summer there are a lot of outdoor old movies they show either at the Performing Arts Center, in Klyde Warren Park or at the Nasher and they are SO fun! The whole Arts District is one of the best things about Dallas!

  2. I had a 101 Things in 1001 Days list too awhile back! Like you, my circumstances (and interests) changed so I had to re-think my list! I think the same goes for blogging. A lot of people think they have to consistently write about what their original focus on. I find it really sad that sometimes people don’t let their blogs grow with them and change as they change! That’s just a part of life!

    Chrissy x

  3. I really love your optimism! Instead of being worried about not accomplishing your goals, you just re-directed them towards where you are in life (mentally and geographically) at the moment! I think it’s so important to adjust to your surroundings and making a new list will definitely help by making you feel okay about your list and encourage you to explore your new city!

    -Madison (postgradpanicattack.wordpress.com)

  4. Certainly not germane to this post, but I was watching “Wendy Williams” (she’s a hoot and I’m home today) but I saw those fabulous turquoise earrings you sell on a young lady that she pulled from the audience at the end of the show. And she looked totally adorable! I see they are back in stock and I might just have to get them – I have short hair and its salt and pepper (prematurely, of course!) and they will look great!

  5. I created my own list over at operationtwenties.com after being inspired by yours a few months ago! It’s so good to hear that you’ve decided to update your new list! I hope you enjoy your new city!!

  6. Ok, you’ve inspired me to finally do this! Putting together my list now & looking at yours for some inspiration- I see that seeing your cousin in D.C. is on the list- let me know if you’re ever in the area! Hopefully I’m making it to Dallas in the near future!

  7. You just reminded me that I haven’t revisited my 28 by 28 list in months….oy. I think it had a little something to do with some big life changes and a few bigger goals that started to take precedence over the smaller ones I had written out for myself, but that’s no excuse! I’m going to take a peek at that today 🙂

  8. There are enough serious, somber things in the world —so no reason to feel guilty about writing a positive blog that brightens people’s days! And, you’re right, the 101 in 1001 is a nice way to impact people! I’ve enjoyed checking off mine (though I made it in June and have only done 33 things – yikes)!