It has been 70 and sunny at least half the days that we’ve been in Dallas so far and I’m kind of in love with it. Everyone I meet, however, is very quick to ask how ready I am for 100 degree days come summer… and the answer is that I’m honestly pretty nervous about it. Coming from the east coast, I consider anything over 90 degrees uncomfortably hot… So I know I’m going to have to adjust really quickly down here!

design darling | summer bikini guide


Key to my summer survival strategy? Lots of cute summer clothes, of course! I’m excited to see sandals and shorts hitting the stores and probably most eager to stock up on swimwear options now that we’ll have access to a pool. I absolutely hate trying on swimwear in stores so shopping on websites with free shipping and returns (hello, Nordstrom, Revolve, and Shopbop) is especially necessary this time of year. I’ve rounded up 15 favorites for your at-home perusal which you can shop in the slideshow below:

My top three are this, this, and this (which I already own in black!). Now I just need to book a weekend trip to Mexico! 🙂

P.S. A little cost-saving tip for buying bikinis? Pick up a couple pairs of basic solid colored bottoms (like these or these) that you can wear with a bunch of different solid or patterned tops. Does anyone else love to mix and match tops and bottoms?

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  1. All quite cute, tho’ I liked the navy and white striped one until I saw the “g-stringish” back! yikes could not pull this off. I have started to mix and match as I started to look “old and out of it” on the beach in my matching top and bottom! Seems to be the trend and I want to be hip… of course.
    Love the mint green one at Target. May have to grab that one once I get off of my self-imposed “no clothes buying” promise. At least another month to go on it. sigh…

  2. As much as I love fall and winter clothes, summer clothes are the best. I am stocking up this year. I just got a gingham seersucker bikini from J.Crew and I am so excited!

  3. Swimwear is my weakness — along with sandals and shorts and shifts and all things “S” for summer…. How soon can we go to Nantucket? I love your picks!

  4. I am seriously obsessed with Marysia bikinis! I have three now, but still have my eye on another! 😉 The material is just the best, and obviously her designs are the absolute cutest!