Our new bed was supposed to arrive and be assembled last week but sadly it wouldn’t fit up the narrow stairwell in our townhouse. I was so sad watching it be loaded back onto the truck! I felt so stupid for not taking measurements ahead of time… Lesson learned. To add insult to injury, we’d been waiting for the bed for weeks (sleeping in the guest bedroom in the meantime) so now we’ll have to start that waiting process all over again once we order something new. (If you’ve seen any beds or headboards you love, please let me know in the comments!)

The good news is that this setback definitely gave me a kick in the butt to order a few more big pieces knowing how hard it is to wait for furniture to be delivered. I feel like I’ve uttered the phrase “just keep chipping away at it” (my dad’s favorite saying) at least a hundred times since we got here but it definitely helps when our decorating to do list feels a mile long! I wanted to share a few pieces that we’ve ordered for the open living and dining areas.

design darling decorating plans for our living room

Dining table  //  dining chairs  //  sectional sofa  //  acrylic coffee table

Our dining area is pretty small so Will’s mom had the idea to order a round table that won’t take up every square inch of the space but still extends to seat six people when we have company. And because the sectional we ordered is navy blue, I wanted a coffee table that felt light and airy by comparison. I love all things acrylic (hi, have you seen my boutique?) but I love that this particular coffee table doesn’t feel too girly because of the industrial hardware on the corners. I also wanted to make sure that the dining and coffee tables (which will only be about ten feet apart) complemented one another without feeling at all matchy-matchy. Once these pieces are in place, we can start thinking about the fun stuff like picking out a rug, ordering pillows, and hanging art. I’ll be sure to share more pictures as everything arrives and starts falling into place!

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  1. HI! This is a bit of an “uncouth” question but I would love to hear about how you budget for furniture when you planned to move. While I could theoretically make these purchases, my knee jerk reaction when I see bloggers making these kind of purchases is to be kind of snarky (lol, sorry!). It is just so far removed from my current friend group to see people buying investment pieces yet. I personally like to invest a bit of money into furniture (it makes me happy to love my space!) but still have only made smaller purchases (a lucite coffee table! new dishes! linens!) and never anything that is more of a significant investment. I would like to make it more of a priority but not really sure of the logistics – so I thought I’d ask 🙂 I realize money isn’t something that is usually talked about on blogs, but it would be super interesting to hear about how you manage this!

    1. Hi Aly,
      Thank you for your honest feedback. I definitely appreciate your point of view and while I’m not comfortable discussing my finances on my blog, you may have read that I’ve recently made a couple major life changes that have affected my financial planning (among many other things!). For instance, I just moved from New York to Dallas, where the cost of living is significantly less than what I’m used to budgeting for. I also just moved in with my boyfriend so we’re splitting costs that I would usually handle and budget for on my own (rent/mortgage, electricity, cable/Internet, furniture). It sounds lame to say that moving in together has halved a lot of my biggest expenses but it’s true in many cases. I’ll also point out that I’m not a full-time blogger and own an online boutique which provides a (necessary in my case) second revenue stream. Additionally, I’m big on saving money where I can — I sold a ton of furniture on Craigslist before we moved (over $1,000 to apply towards higher quality pieces when we got to Dallas) and we drove our own truck across the country, which saved us both time and money. I’m definitely not in a position to provide financial advice so I’ll default to a saying I use all the time (inherited from my dad) which is to just keep chipping away at it! A lucite table here, new dishes there… It sounds like you’re well on your way! Thank you again for stopping by and taking time out of your day to comment.

  2. Beautiful choice in furniture! I would choose the dining room chairs with a pattern though to make it all less navy blue and more colourful.
    Sorry to hear about the bed, try The White Company for headboards! And also the sales at Harrods -they ship to USA-
    You are doing such an impressive job! Well done and thanks for sharing!
    Ps the turquoise earrings I bought from your boutique are such a hit here in London my dear!

  3. I love all of your choices. Your style is crisp, clean, fresh and refined. What color did you paint your walls? I thought I saw it in your posts but now that I’m getting ready to repaint our kitchen I cannot find it. Thanks so much!

  4. Any chance bed could go through window?. Our painter did that for us when we bought our first house.
    He easily moved window frame and in it went!!
    Also, California King has twin base box springs and mattress can be folded over to move in.

  5. That sucks your bed didn’t fit. Have you looked into getting a bed built? That way you could request that it is built in pieces easy to carry up the stairs and then assemble it in your bedroom. Custom pieces aren’t always more expensive and since it is something you will keep for a very long time, it may be worth the cost.

    I really love your new table and chairs! Round/oval extending tables are amazing because you can always fit a few extra people in since there are no corners. We have fit 12 at my parent’s that is only supposed to fit 8.

    I can’t wait to see it all come together!

  6. I definitely understand and can empathize with the “chipping away at it” mentality. I recently moved to a new bigger apartment which is super exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It is my tendency to want to get it all ready in a week maximum but it has tested my patience. I’ve realized to create a space I really love will take time and will require some living amount boxes (even though I hate it).