After last week’s debacle with our bed not fitting up the stairwell (I wish fitting it through a window were an option but it’s on the third floor!) I’ve gone back to the drawing board for our master bedroom. Because we have the mattress and bedding all ready to go, it looks like we’re going to simplify and just buy a headboard instead of an entire bed so that we can at least buy and set up a bed frame this weekend (as opposed to ordering one huge piece and waiting another month or two before it arrives). Here are a few options we’re considering but I’d love to hear which headboard would get your vote!

serena & lily headboard

{Serena & Lily — available in a ton of colors and patterns}

pottery barn headboard

{Pottery Barn — not sure why the mattress isn’t centered under the headboard but it’s driving me nuts!}

one kings lane headboard

{One Kings Lane #1 — the wingback shape makes it look extra cozy to me}

one kings lane headboard

{One Kings Lane #2 — love the lines on this one}

one kings lane headboard

{One Kings Lane #3 — the most affordable of the bunch}

Did you keep your headboard neutral or use it to introduce a bold color or pattern in your space? I’m so torn and I know it’s a piece we’re going to have for a long time so I want to make sure we get it right. Help a sister out? I’d love to know which of the above you’d be most likely to use in your home!


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  1. I love my Ethan Allen bed. It can be customized in any color, with/out nailheads. I chose chocolate brown velvet. With white glove service, they assemble onsite.

  2. Loving the top Serena and Lily pick! Good luck decorating your new home, it’s coming together beautifully:)

    Also, for a quick wine-y getaway be sure to check out Messina Hof in nearby Grapevine for some great Texas Wine! (It’s the best of the Grapevine bunch, by far!)


    Bon Vivant DC

  3. We have two headboards from Pottery Barn in our home. The feature that I enjoy most about them is that they sell a bedframe that is made to attach to their headboards. The headboard itself has a metal piece built in towards the bottom that the bedframe screws into perfectly. I looked into having a headboard custom made but the maker said the mattress wouldn’t actually affix to the headboard but rather push up against it. This sounded like a bad idea as I worried that the mattress and headboard would move around. The PB beds are very sturdy. I would inquire as to the materials used in the SL headboard- a shop once told me that they do not have a wood core, but rather a heavy cardboard structure. Again, that didn’t sound great for the long haul.

  4. Love OKL #2. I’ve had a neutral upholstered headboard for years and I love the versatility of it. I can change my bedding to almost any color/pattern and it always looks great! Congratulations on the move and new home!

  5. Hi Mackenzie, and congratulations on your big move!

    I like the seagrass, and here’s why.:

    1) Serena and Lily has the advantage of being customized, but is really tall, and it looks like the proportions would be weird, even with a mattress and box spring, unless you go with a deep mattress. We have one of those, and unfortunately, it limits our choices in bedding greatly. So there’s that.

    3) and 4) Make it hard for you to reach your nightstand and see how little time you have left to sleep when you have insomnia.

    5) This one is just not as cute as the other ones. Just a little boring. And you are not boring.

    The seagrass has great texture, is a classic, and has great proportions. The color is a true neutral, and it will not stain and will last for years.

    So, there’s my crazy advice. Good luck getting your headboard fast!

  6. I definitely say a neutral color because then you can change up your wall color over time. I love the shape of all three of the One King’s Lane headboards but it definitely comes down between #1 and #3. I love the coziness of number 1 but the shape and clean lines of number 3. I think either or any really will be a smart investment for future years.

  7. i love the serena and lily option! i just ordered one from one kings lane and i love it too so i would also recommend any of those. xx

  8. Wingback for sure. So elegant and won’t go out of style and will work in different bedrooms over the years for sure. Now I’m contemplating one!

  9. I like all your options! Ever since seeing Joanna Goddard’s apartment tour on Cup of Jo, I have been considering a pop of color in a headboard. Then again, I’m 26 and have yet to own a headboard so what do I know!

  10. I vote Serena and Lily! I like the version with the nailhead as well, it is very clean and pretty. The Alta Bed with Nailheads also might be nice, and easier to hang pictures above based on shape. The Pottery Barn one looks uncomfortable maybe?..Slow and steady wins the race with decorating your new house, you will get there! It’s nice to live in a space for a while…what you need/want to fill it with becomes clearer over time…love reading your posts, always a nice happy end to my day. Thanks!

  11. i’d stick to something neutral, like the 1 kings lane options. a headboard is classic and will stick with you forever, just as you said!! remember, it’s much easier to switch out pillows, chairs, or linens for color and print/style but not a headboard. I am not a fan of the seagrass option either for a Dallas home… maybe it would be better suited in a Nantucket house!!! 😉

  12. I love the OKL #2 and also like #1. Both are pretty and have beautiful lines and personality!

  13. I love the OKL #2 and also like #1. Both are pretty and have beautiful lines and personality!

  14. I like one kings lane #2, I feel like it is a combo of the 1st and 2nd ones from OKL. best of luck! xo from Puerto Rico

  15. I vote for #1 in navy – you’ll get your burst of color but it’s a pretty gender neutral color! Or one of the wingbacks! (We have a wingback bed frame and I love it – it really does feel cozy.

  16. i love the serena & lily pondicherry headboard, but you should be careful if you order. we live in a narrow georgetown row house and it was too tall to get it up our steps. we went with colette from crate & barrell because it’s not as tall. anyway, of the headboards above i like the wingback. agree with you re: being extra cozy! also, to me upholstered is more comfortable than seagrass for reading in bed. good luck!

  17. I am partial to the Pottery Barn one but that’s mainly because that is the one I am going to purchase for my next place. The reason why I love it is because since the shape is so simple, if you get over the seagrass you could just take some fabric and make a slipcover for it. That way you don’t have to buy a whole new headboard if you want a new look and you can always go back to the seagrass later.

  18. From a pragmatic standpoint, I would personally not go with the potterybarn wicker headboard, dusting NIGHTMARE!

    I like kings lane #2 🙂

  19. I love the first one from OKL! I love a neutral headboard with extra special details. I’m planning on purchasing something similar and I’m using a blue/white striped duvet cover (pretty sure it’s the same one from Target you had in your apartment!) so I’m keeping the headboard gray. The pillow shams have gray in them and I’ve added pops of pink in my pillows so there will still be some color. Good luck!

  20. Okay, that Pottery Barn woven headboard is what my venice beach bungalow dreams are made of, but I absolutely love the One Kings Lane #1 or #2 for you. It looks so comfortable and cozy as you said. Can’t go wrong!

  21. I’d stay away from the OKL options with wings/sides. I bought one from OKL and the wings/sides did not fit properly. it was a nightmare trying to make it fit, and we ended up having to drill more holes. It never looked right and we ended up taking them off and recovering the whole thing ourselves.

  22. I would say go neutral with the headboard as sheets, duvets & pillows are easier to swap out for updates. patterned x-ottomans at the foot of the bed and/or bold window treatments might also add the pop of wow you’re looking for! I love the prints at DwellStudio.com – a little pricey but totally worth the investment.

  23. I love #1 and also OKL #2. I think you can’t go wrong with either! I don’t like the seagrass one, I have some seagrass furniture (end tables) and it just seems a little cheesy to me. Like I loved the look in my mid-twenties but now a few years later and married I am wanting something more sophisticated.

  24. I really like either the one from Serena & Lily or I love the shape of the One Kings Lane #2 one. They are all so pretty though!

  25. I thought I had plans for our new headboard, but that one from Pottery Barn has me second guessing (I vote that one!). Also, the OCD in me is going crazy too 😉

  26. I have the Pottery Barn one in my bedroom at my parents beach house, so I always associate seagrass with the beach. Other than that I love the first OKL version and the Serena and Lily one.

  27. I adore those wingback headboards! I agree with a few of the other commenters, keeping the headboard neutral is a good bet because you can keep it for a long time and have it work with a bunch of different decors. I like using my duvet cover as the focal point of my bedroom (right now I have a duvet from Anthropolgie on my bed that I love, really colorful!). I used the duvet as color inspiration for my walls and accents throughout the room. I kept all my big pieces of furniture neutral. If I ever want to change it up I could always get a new duvet and gallon of paint and make the whole room fresh again!

    – Kelsey

  28. The upholstered pieces are great. One small caution-that I didn’t consider before I got my upholstered headboard- they are very hard to keep clean. From a dust/dog hair perspective. Granted-mine is tufted-and the flat ones might be easier to “vacuum,” but that is something to keep in mind. I never gave it a moments thought before I ordered mine. Also-=mine is most like the top option and I find it hard to figure out a way to fit artwork in around the size of that headboard.

  29. I got the Room and Board Ella bed recently and I’m in love. It did take about 6 weeks to arrive, but it was well worth living with a mattress on the floor for a while. Plus, the delivery guys were able to get it up my narrow stairwell (the sales person gave me the delivery measurements to make sure it would fit – crucial.) I had it upholstered in a deep, inky blue which works well with my all white linen bedding and light gray walls. I love the OKL 1 & 2 above – the wingback does look cozy! Although, don’t give up on what you really want just to check it off your list – you have plenty of time!

  30. I like the Serena & Lily and OKL #2 the best! I’d say to go for a neutral pattern or solid if you can find one! That way you can use smaller (less expensive) pieces like throws and sheets to switch things up if you get bored.

  31. I love them all, but especially the Serena and lilly and One Kings Lane options! We have a really similar linen headboard from Pottery Barn, and I’m so glad we stuck with he neutral option because I’ve yet to get sick of it and know we will be happy with it for years to come!


  32. I love the OKL #1 (totally agree that the wingback shape is cozy) and I’m definitely in the neutral headboard camp since it’s easier to update a space with paint or bedding. That said, maybe going with a simple shape for the headboard is the way to go since you would be able to have slip covers made in bolder fabrics down the road. Can’t wait to see more come together!

  33. I would go with the last one for sure! It’s the most visually interesting and unique. I have the Pottery Barn one in my guest room. I bought it over 10 years ago now…glad it’s still on trend!