{Emory bench, $519}


{Wings of Flight, $169}


{Gold cage lamp, $41}


{Beatrice side table, $849}


{Classic stripe bolster pillow, $29}

There are so many fun products that I come across in my daily internet perusals (especially now that we’re decorating our first house!) that I wind up not sharing here because they don’t always make sense together in one blog post. For example, sometimes I really am looking for dining chairs and wind up finding 18 of them at a bunch of different price points and it totally makes sense to share all of them together in case some of you are doing the same search. But other times I’ll just pop onto my favorite sites to see what’s new, bookmark something I think my readers will enjoy, and never wind up sharing it because, no, I don’t want to go find ten more bolster pillows or whatever weirdly specific but still super cute item I’ve found that day. So I might start whipping up a quick post like this a couple nights a week for you to see items I’m considering or ones that won’t work for our house but might work for yours. If you’re interested, pop back over at night. If not, skip ’em and show up for the morning posts. At the very least, it’ll help me clear out a few favorites in my browser, so thanks for that. 🙂

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