It hit 88 degrees in Dallas yesterday, which in my mind means summer G&T season. We have so many cute new things in the boutique that I decided to whip up a little bar tray full of my favorite gin and tonic essentials (and that means lots of limes — anyone who makes a G&T with cucumber is a sworn enemy in my book 😉). White hydrangeas, striped straws, and the cutest bar decor around… Who’s up for a party?






Serving tray  //  seashell tumblers  //  small pineapple jar

P.S. Hendrick’s gin is my favorite and I keep it in the freezer because nothing is worse than a warm cocktail #tricksofthetrade. Browse all the new arrivals here!

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  1. I’ve been a recent cucumber convert after learning that Hendricks (also my favorite) is actually infused with cucumber as well as traditional juniper, so a lot of bartenders serve it with a cucumber to bring out the flavor!