1. 43 fiction books to add to your reading list.

2. A secret to sunscreen.

3. Chic chic chic chic chic.

4. Every girl in Dallas seems to be wearing this necklace and now I think I need one!

5. Excited to follow along on Bri’s health journey.

6. How to throw a dinner party like a pro.

7. I can’t get enough of these tops.

8. Italian shoes that look more expensive than they are.

9. Love this pale pink shirtdress on Sydney.

10. Say hello to my new favorite shirt.

11. Tips and tricks for working from home.

12. You can’t beat the price of these tassel heels.

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  1. Every weekend I always look forward to your Weekend Reading List! They are always filled with great details! Thank you of sharing. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!!