Yesterday I wrote about making new friends in Dallas and saying yes to every social invitation that comes my way. One thing I’ve noticed besides the fact that I really do not bounce back from drinking as well as I did in college is that my wardrobe was not prepared for a budding social life. Obviously I went out with my girlfriends in New York all the time but I was so comfortable with most of them that I wasn’t really dressing to impress on a regular basis.

But lately I’ve been feeling seriously inspired to step up my game. I’m telling you, girls in Dallas manage to look put together 24/7, whether it’s pouring rain, 100 degrees outside, or 7:00 a.m. in line at Starbucks. Every girl I’ve met for coffee or drinks is so adorable that it’s got me thinking it’s time to shake up my oxford-shirt-and-shorts summer uniform in favor of adding a few dressier pieces to the mix. Don’t get me wrong — I’ll always love casual New England style, but my wardrobe is seriously lacking when it comes to cute dresses and tops I can throw on for an impromptu night out. Here are 25 tops I’ve found in my online perusing for those of you looking to do a similar spruce-up:

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  1. Mackenzie, Love the green leaf print top. the link takes you to the JCrew site homepage and for the life of me i cannot find it on their site. Any clues? The style name maybe? Thanks!!

  2. I so agree! Dallas women really know how to dress. I moved here from Connecticut and felt so underdressed for everything!