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I’ve gotten a lot of comments and emails about how I’m liking Dallas so far and I figured it’s about time I write a little update. The truth is that I’ve been so full steam ahead on other projects for work and our house that I’ve hardly had a spare moment to actually reflect on everything that’s been going on! So here goes.

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To make a long story short, I’ve been really happy here. I love having more than 400 square feet to decorate and call home. I love how easy everything is in Dallas — I can run five errands and cross twelve things off my to do list in half a Saturday instead of spreading it out over a dozen cab rides or subway trips in New York. (I’ll never miss the concept of “schlepping.”) We take Rory to a park three minutes from our house at least a few nights a week and he gets to chase his squeaky football as far as the eye can see. I’ve even had a relatively easy time making friends here in just a couple months (a common complaint among friends in New York). It seems like everything we need is just a quick drive away, we rarely have to make reservations for dinner (let alone brunch), and everyone is so darn friendly I can’t help but be a little nicer myself.

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On the work front, I love having an office and an employee and a car. I think you could make a case for it being easier to run a business almost anywhere but New York, and I’ve definitely found it substantially easier and more affordable in Dallas. Shipping orders from a ground level warehouse with a retractable garage door vs. a third floor walk-up in the West Village? There’s just no contest. Granted, these are huge adjustments (hi, I’m used to working by myself, often from my bed) but I know they’ll benefit both my personal satisfaction and the bottom line of my business in the long run.

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Of course, I miss my family and friends like hell. It comes in waves and usually when I least expect it. Flying home is easy and relatively affordable but it requires advance planning that I’ll have to adjust to. Sadly I think missing my people is the only thing that won’t get easier with time.

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Dallas isn’t New York. There’s no electric energy on the sidewalks of people chasing their dreams and fighting to make it another day. The skyline isn’t as inspiring and the city most certainly does sleep. But in Dallas, I make it a priority to see my friends, to grocery shop, to exercise, to call home, and to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. I love that seemingly everyone here has a dog and I don’t go days without seeing little kids playing outside.

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I visited New York a couple weeks ago before my brother’s high school graduation and I was surprised to find I don’t really miss it. I’ll always defend that New York is the greatest city in the world, but I did my time and don’t yearn to move back. I realize I was ready to move on when I did, not unlike the way I felt graduating from Bucknell. Here I’m feeling more inspired at work, my social calendar is busier than it’s been since college, and Will and I are the best we’ve ever been. Dallas isn’t New York — but every night as I crawl into bed (before midnight, no doubt), it starts to feel just a little bit more like home.

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  1. OMG just found your blog and fell In love at first sight. But then I found out you moved from
    NYC to Dallas and I, too, recently made the same transition. I’ve I lived in Dallas for several months now
    but will definitely use your advice to further check this huge city out!! We should go explore Dallas’ shopping scene! Xoxo

  2. I recently made the move from a surrub north of San Diego to the west side of Los Angeles. While the move wasn’t far in terms of distance, it definitely was in culture and environment. I relate to many points you shared. Cheers to change and smooth (ish) transitions!

  3. So glad you are enjoying your new adventure in Dallas! My family loves it there & I’ve always enjoyed visiting. Your new home posts have been inspiring me to do some redecorating in my own home!

  4. Aw this post is making me miss Dallas something fierce. Such a great city and a wonderful place to call home…glad you’re loving it!

  5. I’m glad you’re adjusting well! I’m from Austin and now live in west Texas, which isn’t as far as NYC to Dallas, but it does feel like a whole other world! Missing family & friends is never going to be easier – it’s just sweeter when you do get to see them! I’m actually driving into Dallas this afternoon for my best friend’s 30th birthday party!

  6. Thanks for sharing a little life update. Your posts since moving have been radiating happiness and it really does seem like the Move has been a very positive change for you. Adjusting to a big change will always have challenges but it seems like you are really staying positive and looking for the best! I think it is so important o grow and move on from a life or experience that no longer suits you before it becomes toxic.

  7. This right here is EXACTLY why I’m going back to Austin after doing a year in New York.

    The shift in your content since leaving is just insane–even if sometimes you’re writing about the same things, you just sound so much happier. New York is a good place to check off your to-do list, but to really experience everything on that list and then some, it’s just not possible to stay there long-term.

    You came, you saw, you conquered. You built your brand. You made things happen. Now you’re getting to live a more full, complete life, and I think I can speak for all your readers when I say that we’ve loved keeping up with you.

  8. Mackenzie, this was a GREAT post! I am from a southern city myself but currently live in NYC. so much of what you wrote about here resonates with me. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your time in Dallas; I’m loving following along with your updates! Keep them coming!

  9. I’m heading to Dallas next weekend for 3 days. Already have a dinner reservation at the French Room but would love suggestions for Saturday brunch, shopping, and activities!