1. 25 women on the best advice they’ve ever received.

2. Considering this table in white for our living room (currently 20% off with code FRIEND20).

3. Fun new prints in the boutique! Really excited about these.

4. How to decorate with seashells.

5. How to get rid of a headache in two minutes flat.

6. Seriously loving Loft lately. Here are a few pieces I’ve ordered recently: scalloped shorts, tassel heels, striped cami, ruffled sweater tee, tassel tee.

7. Someone who’s not as pale as I am please buy this dress.

8. These photos made me long for a beach day.

9. These summer salads look delicious.

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  1. OK this made me laugh out loud: “Someone who’s not as pale as I am please buy this dress.” — but I think it would look great on you! (Or maybe I’m trying not convince myself because I’m also pale these days and adore the dress?) 🙂