Lately I’ve been seeing a ton of cute pieces from Anthropologie popping up on my Pinterest feed and I finally clicked over to see what all the fuss is about. I don’t own a ton of their pieces as I tend not to think of myself as their target customer… It’s usually a little too boho/hippie for me. But when I clicked over this time, I fell in love with so many pieces that I knew I needed to share with you guys. There are some awesome budget-friendly finds in here as well as some splurge-worthy stunners… And, dare I say, a few of them register as rather preppy? I’ll let you be the judge.

anthropologie nimmes straw tote bag

 My favorites are probably the pearl sandals but I’m also crazy about this striped top and wish I were just a little taller so I could pull this off. Do you have a favorite? Are you a big Anthro shopper? I’m seriously tempted right now…!


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  1. Pretty much everything I wore between 2007-2013 was from Anthro. I stopped shopping there because everything I was buying started to fall apart within days of buying it. It’s so not cool to spend upwards of $400 on a dress that falls apart at the seams in two weeks! I’ve heard quality has improved, though, which really isn’t good for my budget!

  2. I work at Anthro haha, so I am a huge fan of their clothes! Over the years they have really expanded their collection to include many more styles, which I love because I don’t fit the boho look either! One of my favorite pieces right now has to be the Rodanthe skirt– it looks just like Audrey Hepburn’s skirt from Roman Holiday!

    P.S. Anthro has 20% off store-wide when you sign up for the Anthro program!!

  3. I love Anthropologie. One lesson I’ve learned buy when you see it or it’s gone. Items tend to sell out so quickly. I love visiting their store locations. It’s a sensory experience. Their home collection is great as well. I do find sizing a challenge as the clothing tends to run large.

  4. I like that you pointed out a couple items as work wear. It would be really great to see more posts on work clothes! I know your office environment is probably different than a lot of us, but I’m always looking for cute -yet-office-appropriate pieces and you have great taste. It would be cool to see your take on what to wear in a more corporate office while still being stylish. Maybe a post of work bags, too? I’m looking for a new one that fits my laptop and workday necessities.

    BTW- those pearl sandals are amazing. I’m getting married in September and those just became a contender as my wedding shoes!

  5. This post is great! i feel like I’ve been pinning a lot of Anthropologie stuff too, and I’m definitely not their target customer. Great picks! 🙂