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I posted a photo on Instagram of the suitcase Will gave me for Christmas and got so many emails and questions that I figured I’d answer them here! Mine is the carry-on size (I hate checking bags!) but it is pretty tiny — good for two folded stacks of clothes, a cosmetic case, and not much else. I usually travel with a larger tote bag (either this or this) so the small size doesn’t bother me but I could see adding the larger stowaway size to my collection in time for a longer trip. Will uses this version and I must say we get quite a few compliments walking through the airport together. They’re definitely investment pieces but I say they’re worth the splurge. They would also make an awesome gift for graduation, weddings, etc.!

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  1. This luggage is dreamy! I’ve held off on investing in expensive luggage because of the way the bags are handled during air travel, but if I were to splurge it would be on a set of these.

  2. Not only does Will seem like a really great guy but he is stylish and gives awesome presents too? Looks like you have a keeper there!

  3. This case is adorable! I’ve always loved the look of vintage luggage, and this is a really fun modern alternative! Hopefully it’ll hold up over time and continue to serve you well 😀

  4. Ahhh I love the pink ones! I’m going to France (to study abroad this winter) and it would be a dream to bring these along!