You guys, I hate to be a tease, but our living room is turning out really pretty. We’re just waiting on a jute rug to come in before I feel like it’s really worth photographing and ready to share with you. In the mean time, I’m just happy to walk in the door and see all the things we love slowly but surely starting to come together!

The one thing that’s really tripping me up? (Now that we’ve got the bookshelf styling checked off the list…) Our coffee table. No, we finally found one (this guy, which I looove) but now that it’s here I kind of don’t know what to do with it. I think it will help once there’s a rug underneath? I’ve been spending extra time on Pinterest trying to get inspired and thought I’d share some of my findings with you. It really is one of the first things you see when you enter our house so I want to make sure I get it right!

coffee table styling inspiration

coffee table styling

coffee table styling

amy stone apartment

preppy coffee table

coffee table styling

coffee table styling

coffee table styling


coffee table inspiration

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Part of the “problem” is the size of our coffee table — it’s a huge clear square and it looks rather excessive when I cover the entire surface with dozens of books. Thankfully we have new-and-improved lucite trays coming soon to the boutique that are seriously beyond and would definitely help break up the books. Until then, help a sister out… What’s on your coffee table? Any styling words of wisdom?


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  1. I think what you put on your coffee table is a great representation of you and those living there. You wouldn’t put a book on cars if you know nothing about them or a candle that smells like the great outdoors when you hate camping! It can also be a great conversation starter. I know whatever you two choose will be perfect! Best of luck!

    Always with love,
    Sadie Lee

  2. There’s nothing prettier than a perfectly styled coffee table and it is a focal point. Finding the balance between practical and pretty has been my struggle. My table is retangular. I have some books and a round mirrored tray that I sit a candle, fushia agate coasters (my fave, they look like jewelry) and some choisnoiserie on.

  3. As someone with a navy sofa, who desperately wants to paint her walls white and replace her rug with a jute one, I can imagine how amazing your place is going to look. Have you considered breaking your square up into sections? Two with books; one with flowers, an object (shell, coral, brass figure) and coasters; another with a tray with matches, candles, and a box for holding remotes. That way you have different objects, which you can move around, to keep it interesting but it isn’t overwhelming. I always like to have a little dish, with a lid (dogs…), for snacks too.

  4. I love an expertly styled coffee table (mine is a large glass square too!) – and I try my best with a lucite tray, coffee table books, and gorgeous scented candles – but I also think it’s so important to actually leave some room for a drink or a cup of coffee!

  5. I always run into the issue of practicality. I want it to look nice of course but really at the end of the day we end up putting our feet up on it, or eating takeout there, and to much stuff on top means we are always moving things around and its a pain. I settled on a patterned tray and a hurricane candle finally because they’re easy to move and put back without a fuss, and the tray can coral the remotes a bit.

  6. What a fun table! Mine is an old sailor’s chest that I found at an antique store–it’s pretty visually heavy already, but I put three books of different sizes (a big one called “The Mapping of America”, a pretty turquoise one about Monet, and The Southerner’s Handbook by Garden & Gun), a set of map coasters from my hometown (I majored in Geography in undergrad so I kindof have a thing for maps..), and a little vintage game similar to that one with the pegs that they put on tables at Cracker Barrel. I like the idea of putting a little game on there to keep people entertained!

  7. I’m actually updating my living room too! I chose a concrete coffee table, which is the exact opposite of yours, but it’s fun to pin styling ideas too. I prefer mine to be a little more on the bare side with an eclectic feel. Have you considered paper flowers instead of fresh? Or a fun sculpture instead of books? I’m excited to see how yours turns out!

  8. Honored to make the list! I love the coffee table you chose. I think key components (for me) are always some sort of flower arrangement (big or small), a candle & dish of matchbooks, a tray, books, and some sort of sculptural element (like coral, for instance). xo!