I have a little over a year remaining on my current 101 in 1001 list and I still have lots of goals to tackle! One of the projects I’m most interested in is #11: starting a collection. I love learning about what other people collect because it’s such a unique insight into each individual. Here are a few ideas I love but I’m most excited to hear from all of you!

coral collection

{Coral — start your collection with this, thisthese, and these}

blue and white china cabinet

{Blue and white china — start your collection with these, these, or these}

seashell collection

{Seashells — my mom displays hers in these}

rainbow book collection

{Colorful books — start your collection with this or this}

silverware collection

{Silverware — start your collection with these and these}

shoe closet

{Shoes — these, these, and these would be in my dream collection}


{Ginger jars — start your collection here, here, here, or here}

So tell me! What do you collect?

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  1. I collect pins and postcards (but send out the postcards often, so the collection is always revolving). I also collect poems and quotes and excerpts from books I like, so my bedroom walls are crowded with scrap paper scrawled with things that inspire me. I keep letters that people send me in a big briefcase, and, in moving into my new apartment, realized the small collection of cups and bowls I’ve amassed over time, each with their own story (a glass cup my cousin blew for me in his glass blowing studio, a wooden bowl from my mother, a mug from a director I worked with on a show we were both proud of, a wooden box from a friend who traveled to Israel and thought of me, an old-school tin tool box from a theater in the 50’s). It’s interesting to look at the things you collect as much as the things that hold them.

  2. I collect coffee mugs from places I have visited! My collection has gotten out of control thanks to a recent stint living and traveling in Europe and a road trip across the USA. My favorite of all my mugs is my one from Florence, Italy; it’s so kitschy, the handle of it is a mini replica of the David statue! My sister collects flags, so all my recent travels have helped expand her collection too. The prettiest one I bought for her was hands down the Estonian flag, the colors are so beautiful and blend together wonderfully.

  3. I collect Christmas Tree ornaments from places I travel and also children’s books from other countries! I lovely collecting children’s books. I recently got a French version of where’s waldo with an adorable little french boy wearing a scarf. Its precious and one of my favorites. I’ve collected Paddington Bear from London, Anne Frank from Amsterdam, a Michaelanglo from the Vatican, The Little Mermaid from Copenhagen, and Madeline from Paris to name a few. I love and can’t wait to read them to my future children while also telling stories about where we were when we bought the book for them!

  4. What don’t I collect…

    Matchbooks from hotels and restaurants, Diptyque candles (empties or brand new – doesn’t matter), cocktail umbrellas/swizzle sticks (just starting this…), colorful coffee table books, vintage Lacoste polos (just starting this too), photos of Grandy.

  5. We collect Christmas Ornaments. We try to pick one up on every family trip. It leads to lots of memories and reminiscing when we decorate our tree each year.

  6. I collect linens, ginger jars, books, and seashells. I am also starting to collect art and will start to collect china after I move because I am terrified of it breaking. So basically I collect everything because it makes it feel like home. I was the kid growing up that never really had anything since my mom wasn’t sentimental and threw everything away so home never felt like home.

  7. I collect Pewabic tiles. More so, I get a Pewabic tile for my birthday and Christmas every year now that I’m 24 and my parents don’t really see any need in being Santa anymore. My goal is to one day have a back splash of Pewabic tiles, or even a whole bathroom done! These tiles are made in Detroit and the company has been around for years! I have nine tiles right now. If you want to browse, their website is pewabicstore.org. Although many of their tiles are Detroit themed (my home town), there are other tiles that can be great gifts (such a Celtic cross).

    I also love getting stationary or post cards from a ma & pa shop when I travel! Great to send years after my trips. I started doing this as a little girl on basketball and baseball tournament trips!

  8. I have a collection of mugs, I make sure to get one everywhere I have been especially amusement parks! I also feel like you could claim shoes and lipsticks also as my collection because I have well too many of them hahaha. I love collections because they just have a great meaning behind them and have memories as well! I bet you have some item you have a number of and that could be your collection!


  9. My parents are big collectors & I’ve seen the downside of that! So. Much. Stuff. My grandmother was an antiques dealer so it’s very much something that’s always been in my family but I’ve tried to curb those habits since I grew up with so much stuff (all very nice but still, so much).

    My husband & I tend to collect items from our travels, whether it’s art for the walls or small treasures to put on a shelf. We also collect magnets but since we have a stainless steel fridge now we’re not sure where to put them! I definitely think collections should have meaning behind them & that you’ll happen upon something that really speaks to you. For us, it was about remembering our trips & recognizing both of our loves for exploring new places.

    1. We had the same issue with our stainless refrigerator and magnet collection from around the world. So we’ve placed our magnet collection on our water heaters in our utility room. They certainly brighten up these dull appliances!

  10. I think collections are more personal than just deciding to collect something one day. That road only leads to meaningless clutter. I collect maps that I hang on my walls, but I didn’t even realize it was a collection until someone walked into my house and said “you must really have a thing for maps”. That’s when I came to the realization I have a map in every room, from a giant 5′ X 4′ in the living room, to smaller ones in the bathroom from our travels.

    This will probably be an intuitive thing for you. Something will speak to you and over time you will accumulate that item. For myself, it’s not something I actively pursue. Occasionally, a map will catch my eye and I just know it has to come home with me.

  11. Meg Biram recently posted about this too! When I travel I collect postcards–cheap, virtually weightless and so easy to pack. I never feel guilty for buying dozens of them! They look great displayed all together on the wall too like a gallery wall (just use Zots!). I don’t have the wall space to do that now, so I’m looking for a new display method. Ideas are welcome!

  12. I collect paper goods – stationary, style guides, pretty tear sheets! {I am a graphic designer, so this is also major inspiration as well as a hobby for me!} I have quite the collection now, though!

    I feel like you need to go for the ginger jar collection and scatter them around your house / use them as vases! So beautiful!


  13. I have a tea cup collection! Brightly colored and gilded fine china gems have come to me over the years mostly from estates of family members. Instead of full sets I love having one-offs in unique and beautiful designs around the house to act as catch-alls for things like earrings, change, bobby pins, etc.