Oh man, am I happy it’s Friday. I’ve been out of town the past two weekends (first Nantucket with friends and then Indiana to see Will’s grandparents) and I’m ready to have a weekend at home to knock out some errands and life maintenance. It hasn’t been my most prolific week of blogging so I thought I’d share some ramblings about what I’ve been up to in real life:

emily ley simplified planner

*planner available here

1. Product development. Gretchen and I are finding manufacturers for all kinds of custom items that will be hitting the boutique in time for Christmas. I’m keeping all the product photos saved to my desktop so I can open them up for a jolt of inspiration because they are gooood.

2. Pop-up night. We did a big trip to Ikea to buy shelving and tables for our pop-up shopping night in the new office. Dallasites, mark your calendars for Thursday, October 22! More details to follow… once we’ve got this place all spiffed up, eeeek.

3. One Room Challenge. Oh yeah, that blog series where 20 bloggers have just six weeks to totally transform an entire room? I’m doing it again. Check out last year’s One Room Challenge and get ready for my first post next Wednesday.

4. Buying bonanza. I don’t know how it’s already October but that means the holiday season is right around the corner and we need lots of new items for you holiday shoppers! I’ve been opening new wholesale accounts and sourcing new artwork left and right… This really is my favorite part of the job and I love finding things I know you won’t see anywhere else!

5. Web redesign. We’re working with a local designer to whip up a new logo and redo the boutique website. This stuff can be really overwhelming but it’s way overdue and it’s going to look b-e-a-utiful once it’s all finished!

6. Puppy training. Okay, at age three, Rory’s not technically a puppy anymore, but Will and I have been taking him to group lessons on Monday nights in preparation for a possible new addition in a few months… Because when you have a full plate, what could be better than a new puppy? #bitingoffmorethanIcanchew #butIwantallthepuppies

7. Double dating our way through Dallas. For some reason, we’ve been out of town when our friends are in town and in town when are friends are out of town… and now finally this weekend everyone’s here and it feels like there’s so much to catch up on! I didn’t even grocery shop this week because we have so many little evening outings planned for the next few nights. I will say I love how social Dallasites are… Knowing that I have 7:30 dinner reservations makes me so much more efficient during the day because it creates a deadline for when I have to stop work, something I struggled with when I lived by myself in New York.

8. Booking travel. We’re visiting my parents in Connecticut at the end of the month, doing Christmas in Maine with both of our families, and heading somewhere warm in January for a much-needed break after the holiday mayhem. And I want to plan another international trip for early 2016… Bring it on!

9. Sending birthday wishes to my sister Reilly who turns 24 today and is celebrating by performing stand-up comedy in Brooklyn because she is cooler and funnier than I will ever be. #proudjusttoknowher

Let’s just say I have my hands full at the moment but I feel like for the first time in a while I’m in a really good groove… Must have been all your sweet comments on this post pumping me up. Now I just need more hours in the day! Anyway, enough about me… What’s one cool thing you’re working on right now?!

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  1. “Because when you have a full plate, what could be better than a new puppy?” This sounds so much like me! My boyfriend and I just adopted a dog three days ago…in the midst of me in grad school and working both full time while my boyfriend is interviewing for jobs. Life is busy and doesn’t stop but as long as you are loving and enjoying life for the most part then it’s all worth it! Sounds like you have a lot of fun activities planned in the upcoming months! Can’t wait to see more products on the lovely boutique 🙂

  2. So excited to see your next One Room Challenge! I am going to do the Thursday link-up one. I think the challenge is great because it gives you a deadline, which is something I really need when it comes to design.

    I can’t wait to see all the new things in the boutique!

  3. Can’t wait for ORC!!! And can’t wait to see the boutique additions. Any chance we’ll see reduced shipping charges as boutique expands? The costly shipping fee is what prevented me from purchasing more.

    1. Hi Betsy! I wish we could offer free shipping but it’s SO expensive for us to ship certain items. If you’re ever placing a small order (like just a pencil set or matchboxes), we’re happy to refund part of your shipping charge. Email me if you have any questions and thank you so much for the feedback!

  4. Mackenzie… I am only 30 and I feel like SUCH an old lady when I say this… I love the aesthetic of your site but is there ANY way you can make your font a tiny bit bigger?! I zoom in when I read it on my Mac at home but when I’m at work on my PC I can barely make out the font. Just wondering if it was something you could consider going forward. Thanks! Love your blog!

  5. Sounds like you’re busy but having a great fall! I love having dinner plans, trips planned, and fun projects to keep me busy! The fall is a slow time in my business so I’ve been doing a lot in my personal time to stay busy! I can’t wait to see the upgrades at the boutique!


  6. So excited for the new products and the One Room Challenge! I looked forward to those posts every week last Fall!

  7. In awe of everything you do and set your mind to…you are an inspiration! AND you still make time to chat on the phone with little old me….putting me into a fit of laughter which was just what I needed. Proud of you!

  8. You are one busy gal! I can’t wait to see the new additions to the boutique. I’m working on getting everything packed for a cruise down to Cozumel/Yucatan next week! I can’t wait to post up on the beach and relax after a roller coaster of a summer 🙂 After I get back, I hope I can get back to my regular blogging schedule after a sporadic September! TGIF 🙂

  9. A new puppy – so fun! Also, Christmas is a wonderful time to visit Maine! Do send me an email if you need any recommendations while you’re here. Enjoy your low-key weekend at home!