I love taking screenshots on my phone of Instagram photos I find inspiring for one reason or another, whether it’s a quote that resonates with me or an outfit I’m dying to recreate. I remember spotted these heeled Hunter rain boots on Instagram sometime last year and was thrilled when I found them on Nordstrom this week! Maybe heeled rain boots sound a little over the top to some of you (at least it’s a chunky heel!) but I think they’d be a fun way to survive rainy days without sacrificing all sense of style.

something navy hunter heel rain boots

chic rain boots

photo  //  one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six

Speaking of cute rainy day wear, I’m obsessed with this striped jacket. Only 77 days until Christmas! 😉

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  1. YES. I had no idea Hunter made heeled rain boots! Definitely not over the top! You can’t always look like you’re heading to the farm when it’s raining 🙂 Too bad the ones with the neon bottom are sold out…

  2. I love my hunter boots- Ive been considering getting a short pair though which would be a little lighter. Sometimes I feel like wearing my rain boots is a workout!

  3. I’m in love with the Joules bow back boots. Question, does anyone know if they require same care as the Hunter boots? I had to return my high gloss ones for that reason. The white streaks drove me crazy. Just don’t have time to polish and buff my boots before each wear. Within hours of wearing them streaks would return.