Someone please tell me how we are halfway through this challenge because I am a little in denial. There is so much to do! I can’t seem to find anyone in the state of Texas to hang wallpaper, the drapes are still in production, and I’m crossing my fingers that the bedside tables and lucite curtain rods will make it in time. This is definitely going to be a mad dash to the finish line…!

This week I ordered bedside tables, bedding, and bath towels. And, more excitingly, we picked a color for the bamboo dresser after all your enthusiastic voting last week! Drumroll, please…


one room challenge decorating plan

fabric  //  swimming pool print  //  bedding  //  throw pillow

bedside tables  //  navy tassels  //  bamboo dresser  //  green dresser inspiration image

We decided to go with green! We really gravitate toward cool colors throughout our home so green was just far enough outside our comfort zone without making us feel like we’d never be able to use it again in a different space. I also thought it would be pretty to add tassels (inspired by this dreamy collection) to spruce up a pair of plain white nightstands… How typical that I’m focused on the little last minute details and still have a room that looks like it did the day we started. Please cross your fingers that some of our new goodies start to arrive soon or it’s going to be a seriously insane week five and six.

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  1. LOVING this room! Did you see the Attingham collecion on super sale at Anthro? The pitcher with a couple of gold rimmed glasses or serving platter under a vase could be styled perfectly atop your dresser! Looking forward to week 6! -KEH

  2. The plan looks great! I am excited to see the green! Also, my room still looks exactly as it did when the challenge started except it now has a giant box in the middle of it.

  3. Exciting! I’d love to add such a bold pop of color to my home, but I’ve been too afraid to do so. I’ll just live vicariously through you. I can’t wait to see your finished space! Good luck!

  4. Loving this! I scored a bamboo chest for our last One Room Challenge and painted it magenta gloss….it was out of my comfort zone and my far my fav piece in our home! Green is going to be fab!!! xoxo