It’s been a little while since I shared decorating updates outside of the ongoing One Room Challenge in our guest bedroom so today I’ll be sharing a few progress shots of our open floor plan living room / kitchen / dining nook. I’ve tried my best to link to every possible source but please let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

design darling home tour

Slim Aarons print  //  Riviera counter stools  //  bookshelf  //  sectional sofa

wisteria bookshelves

bookshelf  //  ginger jars  //  record player  //  monkey candlestick

small boxwood topiary  //  white cake stand  //  blue and white bud vases

design darling living room tour

sectional sofa  //  media console  //  acrylic coffee table  //  jute rug c/o  //  acrylic X bench

Slim Aarons print  //  David Hicks throw pillow  //  leopard pillow  //  striped ginger jar  //  pink velvet pillow

design darling coffee table

acrylic coffee table  //  Slim Aarons book  //  happy hour tray

tube matches  //  Shanghai lotus candle  //  Allegra Hicks book  // Carolyne Roehm book

design darling coffee table styling

Jonathan Adler vase  //  tube matches  //  Shanghai lotus candle

design darling living room

dining table  //  dining chairs  //  Slim Aarons print

glass pitcher  //  raffia placemats  //  raffia coasters

You can view more of our kitchen here, more of our dining area here, and all our house updates here.

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  1. These rooms are really lovely. It is clean and tidy and so carefully curated. My only criticism is it doesn’t look like people really live in these rooms. Do the books on the coffee table get read? Where do people prop their feet when they watch TV? Does your sweet dog ever move things around on the book shelves? I ask because life with a full-time career, a stay-at-home husband, 2 young children, and an adolescent dog has left me feelings quite crazed with the disorganization and chaos that marks every room in the house (including the guest room to which no one but me goes). I’m living the “Lean-In” life but, honestly, I’m exhausted.

    1. Well we don’t have kids so that definitely helps us keep it tidy! We have lots more books upstairs but the ones we’ve chosen to display on the coffee table are some of my favorites. We prop our feet on the sectional when we watch TV (though truthfully we do most of our TV watching in bed) and I would kill my dog if he were rearranging our bookshelves. 😉 We both work full-time and have a cleaning lady come twice a month which has been a godsend. I would never pretend that our life or home is perfect but it’s definitely lived in!

  2. I am obsessed. The room is just so clean! I love the flowers on the coffee table. I like how you add pops of color and everything is very organized!


  3. I’m a navy and white person myself so this décor speaks to me. The acrylic looks lovely but i’m always afraid that it scratches and looks dingy quickly. Any experience with that? Currently working out ideas to completely renovate my parents basement into a 1 BR self contained apartment.

    1. What’s nice about this coffee table is the top is glass so it’s super easy to clean. I have the acrylic console from CB2 and that’s definitely a little harder to keep clean (though they sell acrylic cleaners specifically for those items!) than something with a glass top where we can just use Windex.