10 UNDER $100

Was this week a bit of a killer for anyone else? Mine started with a speeding ticket on Monday and it felt like Friday would never show up. Well it’s finally here and I intend to do a little retail therapy… because sometimes you get to Friday and just need to treat yourself. (And when everything’s under $100, why not?)

1. A simple sweater with an unexpected detail.

2. Did someone say beaded blackwatch?

3. I won’t be able to wear it until a warm weather trip in January, but I can’t resist.

4. Just really, really like this skirt.

5. My new favorite shirt: the fabric of a polo with the fit of an oxford.

6. Oversized cashmere under $100? I’d say it’s too good to be true except mine already showed up at my doorstep and it’s the real deal.

7. The color of this sweater… swoon.

8. The perfect pom pom beanie.

9. Tortoiseshell ballet flats for $26… no joke.

10. When a peplum meets a button-down, only good things can happen.

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  1. The cashmere sweaters from Halogen are amazing! I bought two in the Anniversary Sale and cannot stop wearing them. Thanks for posting that these are on sale, I might have to pick up another!