I don’t type that title lightly. I’ve bemoaned the lack of awesome-fitting oxford shirts in my life after Rugby shuttered its doors in early 2013. My old Rugby shirts have now officially seen better days so it was not a moment too soon when I discovered Ralph Lauren’s knit oxford shirt.

I wore this new favorite oxford under a quilted vest on a weekend trip to Connecticut a couple weeks ago. My parents recently moved from our childhood home in Darien to a historic home in Milford and, as hard as it is to picture them anywhere but where we grew up, it was so nice to see them settling into their beautiful new space. We spent the day walking the puppies around a lake, apple picking with my bestie Amy, my cousin Emily, and her boyfriend David and enjoying every second of the New England fall foliage I always took for granted. My mom loved the knit oxford concept (having worked at Ralph Lauren for most of my childhood!) and the quilted vest on top kept me warm for an afternoon of frolicking outdoors.

But back to the shirt. This isn’t your ordinary oxford — it’s made of the same pique knit as their polo shirts so it’s super soft, wrinkles less easily, and falls perfectly without pulling at the chest. Truthfully I thought I was just ordering a regular old oxford shirt that was sure to leave me pining for the Rugby era, so I was pretty elated when I opened the box and saw this unexpected but totally genius twist. And lucky for all of us, I just realized it comes in stripes and solids so we can do a total overhaul of all the ill-fitting oxfords in our closets (no? just me?).

Stocking my closet with reasonably priced, beautifully made basics that fit right and help me skip that “I have nothing to wear” feeling so I can get out the door faster? There’s nothing better.

mackenzie horan design darling

oxford shirt and quilted vest

quilted vest

design darling rory

j.crew excursion quilted vestshirt (solid version here)  //  vest  //  jeans (also available here)

sunglasses  //  over-the-knee boots

P.S. The same shirt comes in a men’s version and several styles are on sale. Hello, awesome Christmas present!

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  1. It sounds like such a nice, relaxing time you had in Connecticut! And thank you for sharing this find with us! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect oxford shirt for a while now. Love how you paired it with a classic navy puffer vest to keep you warm. Looks beautiful in New England. Have a great weekend, Mackenzie!


  2. quite possibly my favorite post of yours.. A classic, versatile easy to re-create outfit! And now I think I have figured out what to get my parents for Christmas! So glad the shirt comes in a men’s version. And I may have to sneak in a shirt of my own into the order!