The main floor of our house is finally feeling presentable enough to invite people over and Will and I have been dying to introduce a bunch of our double date buddies and start to feel like we have a real group of friends in Dallas the way we did in New York. What better excuse to have people over than a Christmas/housewarming party? We’ve got a date on the calendar and now I’m excited to send out invitations and put my party planning hat on. I’ve used Paperless Post a few times in the past (for my first and second blogger brunches!) so I was excited to see what they have in store as far as holiday party invites go and their assortment did not disappoint. Help me pick a favorite?!

paperless post christmas party


paperless post sugar paper christmas invite


paperless post christmas invitation


christmas party invitation


paperless post christmas party invitation


paperless post oscar de la renta invite


christmas party paperless post


I wish I could invite every last one of you to toast to another year of blogging (going into my sixth year, ahh!) and running the boutique (year four on the horizon!) but that might need to be a few houses from now. 😉 Do you do any holiday entertaining? I’d love to hear your tips for being the hostess with the mostest!

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  1. I prefer #2.

    I just discovered your blog….I think through Bloglovin’….and I saw that your parents live in my area. I recently moved from Nashville, TN, to Norwalk, CT, to be closer to my son and his family, who live in Darien.

  2. Oh What Fun is a final contender for our engagement party invitations (it’s around the holidays)! But I think if you’re planning to send out a digital copy, the double-sided experience isn’t as friendly. I love One and Four, too!

  3. I would choose #1 or #7, I love the formal, holiday feel of those invites. I know that every hosting book tells you to relax when guests are over but what they don’t tell you is how hard it is to remember that when everyone is in your house and something just burned and you are about to burst into tears! LOL My big tip is that when people ask to help, give them a job. In the past I turned down help and it stressed me out to do everything myself. If someone asks to help, they genuinely want something to do! And as much as I love making my own dessert, it’s a lot of fun to buy something great from a local bakery and cross that off the to-do list right away. Enjoy! xx

  4. I just love Paperless Post! Their selection is amazing! I would have to go with #4, I think it’s super cute but also very playful!

  5. Definitely number 7! I love Paperless Post too…both the PAPER and the e-cards. There are lots of coupons floating around this time of year too 🙂 My holiday cards are already here!

  6. Hi ! I have followed your blog for quiet a long time from France 🙂 I must say I check it daily and i enjoy it very much ! I have a preference for the first model of cards 😉 can’t wait for holiday season to start !!