Thank you for all the Palm Springs recommendations on yesterday’s post! I’ve added all of them to a list and am working on our itinerary as we speak. It sounds like we have some seriously delicious meals in our future. 🙂

The weather is supposed to be 70 and sunny and I’ve been shopping accordingly. There are so many cute warm weather clothes out right now! I have another trip planned in a couple weeks and I’m worried I’m going to need five suitcases if I don’t pump the brakes. Here are a few pretty little things I’ve scooped up in preparation for Palm Springs this weekend:

design darling palm springs packing list

top  //  shoes  //  romper

sunglasses  //  top  //  earrings

top & shorts  //  wedges  //  top

 I scooped up a few pieces that I’ve had in my online cart for a while but I also wanted to mention how many cute things there are at Old Navy right now! I impulse ordered a bunch of goodies and love the quality of the ones linked above given the price. And if you missed yesterday’s post and have a favorite spot or two in Palm Springs, do share in the comments below!

Shop my packing list:


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  1. Hi Mackenzie!

    LOVE this list! I’m going to visit my boyfriends parents In Miami next month, and I think those Steve Madden chunky heels are just what I need!

    Love your blog 🙂