Will and I talk all the time about what our dream house looks like, the latest iteration being a white exterior with navy blue shutters. We debate about the color of the front door — hydrangea blue? kelly green? turquoise? — and I joke that one day he’ll come home from the office to a bright pink door. This is all of course extremely hypothetical as I refuse to move again anytime soon (once was enough!) but it’s fun to daydream.

Fueling my colorful door desires? An afternoon cruise through the streets of Palm Springs. Talk about curb appeal… I have never seen so many bright and happy exteriors in my entire life! Here are a few photos I snapped from our rental car that I couldn’t help but share to combat the winter blues.

palm springs yellow door

palm springs lime green door

palm springs aqua gate

palm springs that pink door

palm springs turquoise door

palm springs hot pink door

palm springs aqua door

palm springs yellow double door

that pink door

palm springs turquoise door palm trees

Aren’t they fun? What color is your dream front door?

P.S. See what I wore in Palm Springs here, here, here, and here.


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  1. When I was in Palm Springs for the first time this fall, I took a few photos of some of the awesome mid century homes and homeowners seemed to pop out of nowhere, seemingly peeved and baffled at the fact that I was taking photos/even wandering the neighborhood. I looked like a pretty nonthreatening tourist, IMO.

    Honestly, it caught me off guard and definitely put a damper on the experience—people just weren’t very friendly. Being from NYC and having lived in New Orleans and London as well, everywhere I’ve lived, it’s kind of been par for the course that tourists meander the streets and try to capture some of the charm with their cameras and phones. I can’t imagine someone every getting mad unless the photographer stepped onto their property.

    I’m curious as to whether you (or any of the other millions of people who seem to have taken photos of the gorgeous homes in Palm Springs) have had any similar experiences, or is it just my luck!?

    1. Oh no! That wasn’t my experience at all. The only people I saw were either friendly (or at least indifferent haha) and the people who live in the house with the pink door even run an Instagram account regramming all the pretty pictures people take in front of their house! I feel like it’s par for the course when you buy a home in a major city or vacation destination — I’m sorry you met anyone who felt otherwise! I’ll overcompensate one day when we have people taking pictures of our bright pink door 😉

  2. The doors are one of my favorite things about Palm Springs! We had my bachelorette party there last year and the home we rented had the most fabulous yellow door. It was of course the backdrop for many a photo shoots. Love that you snapped these! xo