The summer when I turned 15, my parents, three siblings, and I flew out to Long Beach, California, and spent two weeks driving up the coastline all the way to Seattle, Washington. Grandy met us in Seattle and we set sail on a cruise to Alaska, where we went white water rafting, rode in a helicopter, and went dog sledding atop a glacier. The trip was part of a family goal to see all 50 states (so far we’ve visited 37) and is responsible for so many favorite childhood memories that we recount every time we’re together.

Eleven years later, I’m excited to set sail on a different kind of cruise: through the Caribbean! Ali and I are taking off with Princess Cruises this Sunday and I couldn’t be more excited to visit three islands, explore the ship, and take on new adventures together (stay tuned to see the excursions we booked, eeek!). Here are a few of things I’ll be squeezing into my suitcase:

design darling packing list caribbean cruise

top  //  scarf  //  dress

basket  //  top  //  iPhone case

swimsuit  //  sandals  //  romper

It’s been a while since I last boarded a cruise ship so I’d love any advice you might have! Be sure to follow the fun on Instagram (@mackenziehoran) and Snapchat (@designdarling). Have you ever gone on a cruise? What did you think?

*Thank you to Princess Cruises for sponsoring this post! 


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  1. Looks like great cruise attire for the Caribbean. And I love the tips Meghan provided about the patches and getting off the boat early. Will take those and the attire into consideration when I go on a cruise!

  2. The one tip I wish I had known before I went on my first cruise was to put on half on one of those sea sickness patches about 8 hours BEFORE you get on the boat. I do not get motion sickness at ALL and spend most of my summers living on a boat. But twice we’ve hit rough seas on carribean cruises and that was a game changer. I was so glad the second time I had put my patch on beforehand. Nothing worse than spending a day of your vacation seasick. Also, make sure when you are disembarking both on the islands and when the trip is over you get off the boat early. Customs lines can get long especially if there are other boats in the port. Have SO much fun!!! Your packing list is adorable 🙂