One of Will’s mom’s friends (and our realtor!) is generously throwing us an engagement party here in Dallas in a few weeks and my mom, dad, Grandy, sister, cousin, and cousin’s boyfriend are all coming to town! I’m SO SO SO excited for them to get here and can’t wait for everything we have planned: showing them around Dallas (Grandy and my cousin Emily have never been!), trying on wedding dresses for the first time (OMG!), and maybe even checking out bridesmaids dresses since I’ll have my maid-of-honor and one of my bridesmaids in tow!

But of course I’m getting ahead of myself because 1) I haven’t even asked my bridesmaids yet (though these two already know what they’re in for haha) and 2) I have no idea what I’m wearing to the engagement party, let alone to our 2017 wedding! There are going to be so many wedding-related events to dress for and I’ve been bookmarking little white dresses for weeks now… Of course I don’t have to wear white for every single occasion but it’s definitely fun to shop for since most of the dresses I purchase are for other people’s weddings and therefore as far away from white as possible. 🙂 Here are a few of the options I’m considering for ours but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

























I always love Rent The Runway for special occasions and fell in love with this one but I’m also tempted to splurge on something like this or this. (And if money were no object, I’d totally be wearing this.) Tell me your favorite in the comments!

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  1. I wore #12 to my rehearsal brunch and ended up leaving it on all day, it was so comfortable, cute, and flowy! I got tons of compliments and felt amazing all day in it. The fabric was a little thicker, just to note, so if you need something for the middle of summer… Maybe not your dress. But great for mid season! Enjoy the engagement phase, it’s so fun!

  2. I die over number 4, if you are thinking of something more outside the box I would go with that one. Otherwise I think 5 and 6 are more true to your usual style: classic and simple but with sweet touches in the bow and the ruffle. Also, for a winter party (like this one coming up or if you have any next year) I really love 11. Again, simple but oh so sweet!

    I definitely think you should wear white to your parties!! I know some people don’t want to and that’s fine, but when for me I felt like there’s really not that many occasions where you can wear white, especially since you can’t to anyone else’s wedding, so I was all over it and did white for all my events. Plus, it always makes you stand out as clearly being the bride at the party. It’s just fun!

    xo Mary-Katherine |

  3. I love the last one!! I’m sure it will be great no matter what you wear. With a May wedding myself, I’m loving these Wednesday posts….I’m looking at this one as “rehearsal dinner dresses” in my case 🙂

  4. As I was scrolling through I thought hands down you are #4 and #5 and these were the stand out for me…get to the end and there they are in your splurge list!! Haha! I really do think these are the 2 best dresses for you, #5 in particular 😉
    Daisy xo

  5. I just rented the Shoshanna one for my bridal shower in March! I didn’t want to invest in white dresses since I don’t wear them that often, so renting was the perfect option! I also went ahead and bought PRO from RTR for this year since I lots of occasions to rent for! Have so much fun at your engagement party!

  6. You will not regret wearing white to as many wedding events as you can! I loved all my white dresses for engagement parties, showers, and our rehearsal dinner. These are all so cute and so you!

    I say, go big or go home! Now that you are in TX, you can really go big!

    Love this and happy for you, lady!


  7. If money were no object I would definitely say to get that one. Since it is though, I vote for one or three. They are both the right combination of fun and sweet. Also, you can totally throw a great statement necklace or fabulous earrings on with either one. The only thing though (and this is me personally) is that I wish the v in the back of dress three went down a little lower.

  8. Can I suggest Lula Kate for dresses? There are so many fabulous mix and match options for dresses, for your engagement party and bridesmaids. They’re a Charleston based company and have the most adorable range of options. It worked really well for my wedding because my Matron of Honour and the “Best Woman” were totally different sizes with totally different styles. They were able to choose whatever they felt most comfortable in and we ordered the dresses in the same fabric so that there was a little uniformity. A great option and company to work with!