I downloaded an app called Think Dirty last week that lets you input your go-to beauty products and see which ones contain potentially harmful ingredients. I went through my makeup bag and was a little shocked to see that every single product I use was at least a 5 on a 1-10 scale of totally safe to potentially carcinogenic or harmful to reproduction… Pretty terrifying, right?

It’s also been a while since my last trip to Sephora and several of my products are running low. But before I mindlessly reorder the same products online, I wanted to ask you all if you have any favorite all-natural beauty products that you’ve introduced into your routine.


I’ll place an order sometime this week after reading through your recommendations and share any new favorites over the next few months. I’ve heard great things about this beauty brand and this skincare line but I’m all ears for your recommendations. So tell me, what are your favorite natural beauty products?


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  1. EVER Skincare is another conscious beauty line, and I’m so proud to be a distributor! They follow strict European cosmetic regulation guidelines, and literally thousands of potentially harmful ingredients are left out of EVER products…LSR-10 sets them apart from other natural beauty companies by using patent pending, clinical grade ingredients to achieve visible results in addition to providing safe products! Also, EVER is a Best of Beauty, Allure Magazine Winner and one of 6 finalists in the QVC beauty quest, chosen from over 6000 entries! The 45-day empty bottle guarantee allows you to really test the results risk-free! Hope you find something you love!

  2. I adore natural beauty products and have been gradually making the switch the past few years. I definitely recommend RMS and Tata Harper (two of my faves) but also recommend checking out Gressa Skin for foundation and highlighter, Vapour Organic for the loveliest primer and cheek/lip stain. Also, Kjaer Weis is heavenly for foundation and shadow and Honest Beauty makes some great products too. Good luck and I can’t wait to read about what you love 🙂 xoxo Audrey

  3. Alex from dreams and jeans just did a really good post on this: http://www.dreamsandjeans.com/blog/2016/1/27/natural-beauty

    I’ve been checking out skincare and make up products at whole foods recently. They have a lot of great brands and often feature local brands in each store, which is cool. Birchbox also has an “ingredient conscious” section on their website, which makes looking for natural products easier, and of course Burts Bees has amazing, affordable natural products.

  4. I use that app too and changed all my skincare, makeup, and haircare products over the past year. 100% Pure is one of my favorites. I use their volumizing shampoo/conditioner and their body products – the honey almond scent is amazing. Their foundation is also great, comparable to the Benefit one i used to use. I also like their coffee bean eye cream.

    I also use some of Origins’ anti-aging products. W3LL People has a good mascara. I have yet to find a good natural liquid eye liner – I’d love to hear if you find one!

    Another great resource is Follain. They have a whole bunch of great, natural products. Their store in Boston is amazing.

    I also get my face wipes, hand soaps and other household products from The Honest Company. I do NOT recommend their toothpaste though.

  5. I love skincare products from French Girl Organics! (The packaging is beautiful and uses minimal plastic). On my face I also use the ‘Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum’ (it’s one of the most reasonably priced serums out there). I also use ‘Aura Cacia Organic Deep Rosehip Facial Oil Serum’ which is fantastic for very dry skin and acts as a moisturizer (Think Dirty: 2)! Most of these things are available at Whole Foods or on Amazon. Barr-Co makes great ‘Shea butter Oatmeal body lotion’ (Think Dirty: 2). Beauty Counter does have great makeup options, though I wasn’t a huge fan of their skincare. Coconut oil is also always a great moisturizer option and it’s easy to make your own body scrub using solid coconut oil, brown and white sugar, a pinch of salt (optional), and some olive or vitamin E oil. Hope this helps! xo

  6. Beautycounter has the best natural products! A few of my favorites are the lustro face oil ,gentle exfoliator and PM Hydrating Cream. They have great makeup now too!

  7. I just recently downloaded Think Dirty too and am finding myself quite overwhelmed. Does anyone know anything about Bare Minerals new skin products?

  8. Glossier is the BEST. I have their Phase 1 set which includes a face wash (cannot say enough good things about it!), moisturizer, a skin tint (comparable to a BB cream) and lip balm. I also have their two face masks, which have done wonders for my skin (the moisturizing moon mask is my favorite of the two). In a matter of DAYS after starting to use Glossier products, I saw noticeable differences in my skin. The perfecting skin tint is great because it gives enough coverage but you don’t feel like you’re wearing heavy foundation. I usually use the perfecting skin tint, then dust some powder and blush and I’m good to go!

    Best of luck finding some better beauty products. I’d love to hear a post about your updated beauty routine featuring some of the new & natural products you use! XO, Nicole

  9. I just went through the same process a few months ago. After much experimenting, I love Josh Rosebrook Moisturizing Cleanser, Yuli serums and oils, and exfoliating masks from Josh Rosebrook and One Love Organics. I use Honest Company for soaps, lip balm, and their healing balm. I’m still working on finding good haircare products – having curly hair makes it hard. At the moment I’m trying out Original Moxie with mixed results.

    For makeup, I recently discovered Lily Lolo tinted moisturizer and mascara and love both. For foundation I’ve tried Lauren Brook, Honest Beauty, and am just sampling Kajer Weiss (which I think is my favorite – one more day of my sample to try). For cream blush I’ve used Honest Beauty and Kajer Weiss. I like W3LL People’s under eye concealer. And I really like Kajer Weiss eye shadows. Haven’t found an eye liner I love so far.

    I’d say take full advantage of samples. Spirit Beauty Lounge has a great program where you can order five samples (of almost any product) for $25. Not inexpensive, but better than ordering a product only to discover it doesn’t work for you (been there, done that, so regretted it). Good luck!

  10. For skincare, I absolutely LOVE Indie Lee!! I also recently purchased a few items from the M61 line at Blue Mercury which I really like too. For makeup, I use Josie Moran & recently purchased a few items from the Lune+Aster line again at Blue Mercury. Another great website is Credo Beauty. The founder used to work at Sephora. Definitely a must visit!!

  11. I’m LOVING all products from Beauty Counter. My dear friend Carrie Westbrook sells this line. It’s amazing product! I’m soo tired of chemicals on my skin! I even just purchased the charcoal cleansing bar for $24 from Carrie for my 13 year old son for his acne and he LOVES it!

  12. Oh and deodorant! Schmidt’s is great! I have tried a ton of natural deoderants and they do not work for me— Schmidt’s is the only thing working! And Tom’s Complete Care toothpaste in peppermint gel. People forget about the toxicity in deodorant and toothpaste! All of these product recommendations (and the ones I recommended below) have scores of 0 to 3 on Think Dirty. I am a nut about this stuff! And the one’s getting a 3 are for possible allergens- nothing carcinogenic or effecting endocrine levels, etc.

  13. You can’t beat the price of Acure Organics. I love their shampoo, conditioner, body wash, eye cream, face wash, and body lotion. Target actually just started carrying (some) of their line! I usually order that brand on Amazon though! As for makeup and skincare, RMS living luminizer, RMS Uncover-Up, Tata Harper face lotion and face mask, Jane Iredale pure pressed powder foundation, and anything else RMS! I like Kjaer Weiss but they are def. pricey!

  14. I love Ren’s evercalm global protection day cream for my face and Desert Essence’s “My Sweetie Pie” baby lotion for my skin.

  15. Hi! Bite beauty for natural lip products. They don’t use any harmful chemicals and they have a wonderful collection of colors and it stays on! also Jose Maron

  16. I love using Lush products and then just making my own! I make a variety of cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs, masks, and more at home with cooking oils, shea or cocoa butter, essential oils, honey, coffee, and so many other food products – it’s great! However, finding the time to do this isn’t always possible. In that case, I really like using my dōTERRA skin care, or Arbonne. Be sure to let us know what you decide to go with! I’m thinking I’ll need to try out some of these other suggestions too.

    Sweet Spontaneity

  17. I like Lush’s “Let the Good Time’s Roll” facial scrub. It smells delicious and makes my skin feel great! Also, I’m pretty sure Lush is super all natural. (and they are ethical/against animal testing.)

    My biggest problem is I can never find all-natural products with SPF (which I need). Would love to know if you find any!

  18. I am in love with Sunday Riley both the Luna night oil and Good Genes skin treatment. I also use Ole Henrickson for a day moisturizer and First Aid eye cream. I don’t know if they’re all natural or not but my skin has never looked better!

  19. For skincare, I love Aesop! They use ingredients from a lot of native Australian plants, and their packaging is ridiculously pretty. I highly recommend the Fabulous Face Oil in winter.

  20. BEAUTYCOUNTER!! Please visit my website and learn about their mission and amazing and high producing skin care products and make up! Compares so well to many awesome well known products but ALL Beautycounter products rate 1-2 on the Environmental Working Group scale of safety. I could go on and on! Please email me – I would love to chat with you about switching up! It is so overwhelming but you can do it – you can take control of your health and product choices! All the best to you, Abby

      1. Liora- that is great to hear. Gregg Renfrew, the CEO of Beautycounter is an amazing women! Truly making things happen! Let me know if I can help you too!

  21. I use a few Lush products and they smell great! Their hair products are amazing. I’ve also tried some stuff from Bare Minerals and liked their foundation and concealer.

    1. Arielle – I was recently turned on to Lush’s products too and though they are all-natural, the app Mackenzie referred to has a lot of the products I use as a 10! Having difficulty understanding why.

  22. Hi Mackenzie!

    This past summer, I made a promise to myself to go non-toxic and make safer decisions when it comes to makeup, skincare, and household products. I threw away all my old makeup and was SHOCKED to see how horrible and harmful the ingredients were in my everyday products.

    I recently become a consultant for Beautycounter and it has totally changed my life! Not only do I genuinely love the products and that it’s run by an amazing woman/wife/mom entrepreneur, they have the most intensive ingredient screening process in the industry. I love the Tint Skin Foundation, Lip Sheers, Concealer Pen, and Matte Bronzer!

    I tried RMS before Beautycounter and liked it, but personally thought it was hard to apply! They encourage you to apply everything with your fingers and it was a struggle for me!

    The Detox Market and Spirit Beauty Lounge are two amazing non-toxic makeup/skincare websites, too!

  23. Beautycounter – the polishing cream cleanser and Countertime moisturizes are my top picks. I’m a consultant so I’m admittedly biased 🙂 Tata Harper’s resurfacing mask is another favorite of mine.

  24. I have been slowly shifting my skincare routine over to all natural and it took a bit to figure out what works but now I’m hooked! I use Dr Alkitis cleanser, Laurel detox mask, Honey girl organics moisturizer, Vintners Daughter active botanical serum. Cap Beauty in NYC is my go to store and they have so many products and great descriptions I’ve relied on them through this transition. Good luck!

  25. I’ve been trying to travel the natural products road for a while, and it takes some time to figure out which products work best for your skin. The most recent natural makeup line that i’m obsessed with is jessica alba’s Honest Beauty makeup! Their products aren’t like 100% organic or anything, but they work hard to leave out as many harmful chemicals as they can. I can honestly tell that my skin has improved since I’ve started using their products and not my usual “toxic” foundations. I can’t attest to their skincare though. It seems too basic for my skin’s needs (I struggle with acne etc, so I am unsure their skincare line can do what I need, but people with “normal” skin could probably use it well). The Honest Beauty foundation and blush are so sheer and easy to apply, and I swear the blush is just like a wash of color, it’s so pretty! I’ve tried other skincare brands that use a lot of coconut oil, (ex. RMS Beauty, Herbivore organics, S.W. Basics) because I’ve heard so many other people who’ve had great experiences with them. Not me! Coconut oil has a higher comedogenic rating, so it totally clogs my pores. But they might work for you! I tried Tata Harper as well. It’s so pricey which makes it really hard for me to want to continue purchasing, but it worked relatively well for me. Some of their products are somewhat waxy feeling. The products that worked best for me were the Purifying Cleanser, the Hydrating Floral spray, and the serum that I can’t remember the name of. I was never able to find the right moisturizer. The moisturizers and also the regenerating cleanser (the exfoliating one that the internet loves) all broke me out. I’ve heard that exfoliators with natural seed kernels can actually microscopically tear your skin?? Those are just my experiences. Also, check out Ilia Beauty and Kjaer Weis. They are great natural brands. I have a few items from Ilia. They make a great tinted moisturizer, lip products, and highlighters. Their foundation and concealer were only OK in my opinion. I’ve heard great great things about Kjaer Weis. I got a sample of their foundation and I think it was little dry for my skin, but maybe if I did a moisturizing spray or added some face oil to my skin before applying the KW foundation, it’d apply better? The skincare line that works best for me so far has been from Renee Rouleau. You can only order it from her website, but she does her best to not add too many harmful ingredients, and more natural ingredients, though it’s not 100% natural. Anyway, that’s a lot of information haha. Good luck! Hopefully you’ll find some great products!

  26. Beautycounter! If you are not familiar with the company, it creates safe and effective skincare and cosmetic products. Beautycounter pledges never to use over 1500 ingredients in its products. If you are interested in learning more, I would be happy to answer any questions.

    I also love RMS (its uncoverup is amazing).

  27. Tata Harper is incredible! I love their nighttime anti-aging creams and facial cleansers, particularly the resurfacing mask. I also enjoyed TH’s face moisturizer.

    Not sure if Aesop is all natural (I think it is…), but I really love their hand soap and body creams.

  28. Hands down, go Arbonne.

    This is a 36 year old company that prides itself on being pure, safe & beneficial. It has all the buzz words — it’s hypoallergenic, vegan, paraben free, mineral oil free, dairy free, organic & botanically based. The hardest part of shifting to Arbonne is that there is no roaming the makeup counter at Nordstrom. You order from a consultant and then it ships directly to your door (the main reason so many lotions, make-ups, cleansers are bad for us is b/c the manufacturers have to put chemicals in them so they can sit on the store shelf for a year(s)… Arbonne doesn’t and will not do that). Plus, because it’s a network marketing company, you are usually helping another woman grow her own company… win, win.

    My favorites:
    RE9 skincare — cleanser, toner & day crème with sunscreen
    Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads
    CC Cream (for foundation)
    Blush in Ballet
    Fizz Sticks (mix with water to replace any Diet Coke addictions)

    Go shop around & email me if you want some help!

  29. I’m so glad you’re writing about this Mackenzie! I work at a healthy beauty store in Boston called Follain (we also have a seasonal shop on Nantucket!!!), and I have tons of recommendations! I think Tata Harper is great, but her products have a lot of ingredients. A simpler, and equally as effective, option is May Lindstrom or Indie Lee. Also Follain carries the full line of RMS Beauty! A lot of skincare decisions has to do with your skin type, so if you’d like some further recommendations you can shoot me an email or call us at Follain! http://shopfollain.com/

    1. I live in Boston and only shop at Follain! RMS beauty & Ilia are great for makeup. I highly recommend May Lindstrom and Tammy Fender for skincare.

      I have used a few BeautyCounter products. The makeup is better than the lotions & soaps which still have a lot of ingredients in them. I also tried their #1 seller facial moisturizer and wasn’t impressed. You may like it living in Dallas but in New England I need a heavier moisturizer on my face to survive the winter!

      I have wanted to try Tata Harper. I think Bradley Means at Luella & June recommends the resurfacing mask.

  30. Hi! Love your site! I try to only use natural makeup/skincare and have found some great stuff! Tara Harper is amazing and RMS. I also really like Indie Lee for cleanser, FrankBod, and the “yes to” line from target is great for more simple stuff. Also, Pixie at target has some great, more budget friendly natural stuff! Tarte is amazing, too!! They have great colors and a much more standard makeup line with totally natural ingredients. Josie Maran has some nice products, her argan oil face products are super moisturizing and good light coverage. Coola sum care is my absolute favorite for natural sunscreen that still feels light! They also just came out with a setting spray with SPF!! Hope this helps!

  31. you should check out beauty counter. they are committed to producing safe skin care products. they have skin care, shampoo and hair care, make-up, and even sunscreen products.

  32. There is a great green beauty log called Bare Beauty. It has a lot of information about safe beauty products and where to buy. I have seen a lot of blogs recommend Beautycounter which has makeup and skincare products.

  33. Huzzah! Natural everything!

    Face: honey as a face wash; rose water toner to tighten up pores; jojoba oil for moisturizing; baking soda for exfoliating; and tea tree oil for spot treatment.

    Skin: a mix of coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder and tea tree oil for deodorant; Dr. Bronner’s body wash; coconut oil/Shea butter mixture for body lotion; homemade sugar scrub for exfoliating.

    Make-up: bare minerals everything; whatever natural crunchy granola lip balm I can find.

  34. There are so many amazing natural skincare products out there right now! I am a big fan of many products by Origins which has been around for a long time. The Checks & Balances cleanser is my standby. Herbivore is another great brand that I have been loving! The Lapis oil has completely transformed my skin. And One Love Organics makes this great mask face polish that is wonderful.

  35. I love Tata Harper’s resurfacing mask and One Love Organics easy does it cleanser. I actually went to Sephora over the weekend for a few new products of my own and came home with Josie Moran’s Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter to replace the drugstore moisturizer I’ve been using which is full of those awful ingredients. I know I need to ditch a handful of other products in my makeup bag, so I’m going to try that app to help me weed them out! Hoping to pick up a few other recs from other readers on this post 🙂 Have a great week!