There are so many details of our wedding we’ve yet to figure out but there’s one thing I’m certain about: I want to be the kind of bride who stays totally on top of thank you notes! We haven’t even registered yet but a few of my girlfriends have sent over goodies and I already have a growing list of thank you notes I need to write. The same way stocking up on cute fitness clothes makes me more likely to hit the gym, I’m hoping ordering a couple new stationery sets will help keep me on top of sending timely thank you’s!



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{Minnie & Emma}




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Who makes your favorite stationery? And any advice for keeping up with thank you notes?



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  1. My advise for keeping up to date is to prepare as much as you can in advance! I’m currently conducting interviews for my master’s degree dissertation & am sending written thank-you notes to my interviewees, I have a lot to write & send and wanted to ideally post them the day after each interview. I prepared by addressing envelopes in advance and preparing a generic statement I could add the details into, although obviously that is not appropriate for ‘gift thank-yous’ but you could always prepare a general idea of what you’d like to say.

    I also added a columns into my ‘grand plan check list’ for my project too so that I could ensure I sent one to everyone I intended to. This could I’m sure be added into your wedding planning documents!

    A cute idea my parents have done recently for their 30th wedding anniversary, is send thank-you notes to a lot of family & friends again thanking them for wedding gifts they gave them at their wedding that we still use today (mainly china, glassware etc -a great reminder of why to register for classics!) which they all totally loved & were so touched that my mum remembered them. She found a hand written log she’d kept of gifts received during their wedding so she could send her thank-yous at the time, and we were able to use that to send them again

  2. Ditto on the google doc! Easily accessible and great for sharing with your fiance! We used ours for addresses/invites/responses and then added a gift tab.

    Fav for after showers and parties:

    After the wedding we used our custom monogram from Allison R. Banks and ordered this stationery:

    Have fun! Handwritten notes are still the best!

  3. My shower is coming up soon, and we’ve started getting gifts sent to our house. When boxes come in, I open them to see what it is/what’s inside, then leave it in the box on a bench in our entryway until the note it sent. That pile of boxes is a constant reminder to get them written! And I agree that keeping track in a spreadsheet makes life sooo much easier, especially when you’ll have multiple people sending you things like plates or towels.

    We are also trying not to use any of our gifts until after the wedding to adhere to old etiquette and be more “traditional”, but ah…it’s so hard!

  4. Hello and congrats! I confess we got married ten years ago and while excel had been invented, I used a binder with a handwritten spreadsheet vs excel. It made it easier to log things in as they arrived vs sitting at my computer. We color coded each event so I knew what was given for engagement, shower and wedding. I still have the binder in our China closet. As my friends got engaged over the years, it was easy to reference to make sure I was giving a “comparable” gift….if that makes sense. And far as stationary goes….if you’ve picked your wedding colors, try and incorporate the theme or colors subtly if you can. It was fun to set the stage in advance.

  5. I keep a running list on my phone of who I need to send a thank you card. I just list their name and a quick blurb on why I need to send it. When I sit down to pay bills I also write out my thank you notes, birthday cards for the month, or any other correspondence I want to send. Then bills & cards go out in the mail the next day! I’d like to send thank you notes out sooner but this method helps me make sure I get something sent out.

    I designed my own stationery suite and had it printed through vista print while mixing it with some color-coordinated pieces from Paper Source. It’s not the most luxe of papers but I’m in crazy love with how great it looks! I couldn’t be happier.

  6. Kate and Libbi have it right–keep a spreadsheet! I’m sort of old-school and had my gifts sent to my parents’ house, so Mother and I had a Google spreadsheet that we shared so we could both add to it, and so I could write notes without having seen the gifts in person.

    Stationery-wise, my only advice is to get small stationery. I don’t mean comically small, but it looks much better if you fill the note all the way, and you don’t have to say quite as much on a smaller card. Especially important when you don’t know the person all that well so you don’t have to wax poetic (you can always write longer ones to your besties).

  7. Love handwritten thank you notes! When we were engaged and then married, I stashed my list of thank yous to write and the notes in my travel bag so I could get some done when we were flying. I traveled back and forth a lot during our engagement and kept on top of notes for gifts we received early. And then we wrote a huge number of thank you notes on the plane en route to our honeymoon! It wasn’t super romantic but it was awesome to have them done once we got back from the honeymoon and had to hit the ground running (to the real world!). Maybe keeping an ongoing list of gifts received and from whom on your phone would help and then you could walkways jot a quick note while you have some down time?

  8. Excel spreadsheet!! I hope this doesn’t sound crass or like I was expecting gifts, but I copied our spreadsheet with our whole invite addresses into a new tab and added a couple columns for the gift received, date received, TY note completed, and any notes. If we were given a monetary gift, I recorded the amount. This has actually been super helpful for giving wedding/engagement gifts to friends. We’ve been able to somewhat reciprocate the value/item of gifts given to us for their wedding. I ordered our TY notes from Wedding Paper Divas. The colors matched our over all scheme but weren’t our invite suite.

    I am happy to say I got every thank you note out within a week of receiving the gift, including my showers and our actual wedding! I live in a different state than my family, so I did the TY notes on the plane. For people I knew were giving me gifts (like my Grandmother), I preaddressed and stamped the envelopes prior to the event. Although the notes should be personal, I had drafted some filler/starter phrases, which made it go much faster. Some of my older relatives have commented to me that they appreciated the quick TY note turnaround. My mom told me she was proud of me.

    1. i second this – except i did mine in google drive and downloaded the app to my phone so i could access it wherever, whenever! i also would highlight the ones i had left to do in hot pink so as the amount dwindled, i could tell immediately that i only had a few to go.

      this was also very helpful for me in seeing who gave us what – and for what occasion, ie shower, engagement party, wedding gift – so i could buy our friends gifts when their occasions were happening!

  9. American Stationary has great classic options! Also, I had the lady who designed my invitation suite also design a notecard with both mine and my fiance’s name on it- those have been my favorite to use so far!

  10. My best advice would be to keep a master spreadsheet of gifts throughout this entire process. From engagement gifts to showers to the big day, it really does get too hard to keep track of it all! That is one regret I have – just didn’t stay organized enough!

    So happy for you and W, enjoy every moment of this special time in your life!!

  11. Yes, I do have advice for keeping up with thank you notes. I had a baby recently and before gifts even came in I pre-addressed labels for all of the people I expected would gift and did this before my shower as well. I stuck them on envelopes with stamps and had them all ready to go. All I had to do was actually write the note! And for people that I knew would gift multiple times (my child was born in November so I kind of expected some more gifts after his arrival and for Christmas from certain generous friends and family) I addressed multiple envelopes with their names. Hope this helps!