After writing about finding my wedding dress last week, I’m dying to discuss all things accessorizing. I loved my dress from the moment I first saw it (on Instagram…) and knew it was the one the moment I tried it on. Like I said last week, it’s so me and just felt right. Accessories on the other hand? Something I’ve put exactly zero thought into. And it’s one of the topics you guys requested most when I started Wedding Wednesdays at the beginning of the year. So here goes…




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It probably won’t come as a surprise that I’ll be avoiding any sort of bling situation (no joke, I once saw a wedding on Nantucket where the bride was wearing a tiara…). I did try on a couple veils once I had found my dress and while I wasn’t ready to make a decision that same day, I did love the way they looked! I don’t think I want to wear anything that will cover my face walking down the aisle but I do like the idea of something simple cascading down the back of the dress (maybe something simple like this?).

There are so many wedding accessory options and before I start making any decisions, I’d love to hear about what you wore / will wear as a headpiece to your own wedding. Veil or no veil? Simple barrettes? A flower crown? Do tell!

A few pretties I’ve stumbled upon thus far…


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  1. Your wedding day is the only time you can wear a veil, so I say go for it! Don’t let this one-time opportunity pass you by! Honestly, when I got married, I didn’t feel like “the bride” until my veil was placed on my head. I chose to wear a cathedral length mantilla and wore a pheasant feather hair comb for the reception. It was the perfect combination for our traditional cathedral wedding and swanky downtown loft reception.

  2. Hi Mackenzie! I was blessed to wear my husband’s family’s veil, one that has been worn by generations of his relatives! The cool thing is that they all wore them different ways, but I decided to go the traditional route and wear the blusher as I walked down the aisle. Since we didn’t do a First Look, I wanted Andrew to be the first to see my face once I walked down 🙂

    If you’re interested, I posted about my veil here:

  3. I’m not wearing a veil, just a pearl comb in the back. Veils look fantastic with the right dress – my dress is enough without a veil! For accessories I’ll just be doing pearl drop earrings and a pearl bracelet from my grandmother.

  4. I wore the veil just for the ceremony and a hairpin for the before-ceremony photos and then a headband for the reception! I liked having several different looks.

  5. Personally, I would want to wear a veil. They are so classic and dramatic. I love the one in the first picture you posted. But it’s up to you and totally your day of course! I’ve been to weddings where the bride totally rocked alternative options. So you should choose what feels right to you and no one else. I do agree with you on the bling factor however. I really appreciate your classic taste, I think having too much bling can look to tacky/trendy and will quickly age wedding photos. Excited for you and to be hearing about your big day! Keep on having fun with it!

  6. Like you, I didn’t buy my veil the day of the dress (I loved the dress but felt like that was enough for one day!) but did go back a few months later to the same store I bought my dress from and tried on my dress (again!) and picked a veil. It helped having the dress on.

    My dress doesn’t have a train, so I opted for a Cathedral-length veil with gold-ish lace trim, in “signature tulle” which is softer than regular. I really like it! It won’t cover my face, but will go behind me as a walk down the aisle and kind of frame my face/shoulders. It’s just for the ceremony – I’ll take it off for the reception.

    Also, we’re doing a first look for photos (our photographer insisted), so the veil will be a “surprise” for Stephen for the ceremony. (So long as he doesn’t closely follow Design Darling comment threads 🙂 )

  7. I wore a veil a lot like the one you linked—I didn’t know whether I wanted to wear it over my face, but I liked having the option. I ended up wearing it over, partly because of that photo of Kate Middleton that’s just gorgeous—but even without doing that, the horsehair trim is really stunning in person. It has this volume about it that other veils just don’t have. It sort of floats away from you without drawing huge attention.

    For the reception, I wore a flower crown. I knew I didn’t want to have a reception dress, but it’s fun to sort of mix it up.

    1. Your veil sounds stunning! Did your flower crown bother you at all? I think it’s such a fun look (and perfect for a summer beach wedding!) but I’m worried I’d want to take it off after five minutes!

  8. I wore my mum’s veil, which I had reworked so it would sit on the back of my head instead of as a mantilla. I have to say that I didn’t feel “bridal” until I had the veil. It makes you walk and move a little differently than the way you usually would, and just feels very special.

  9. My thought is.. you’re a bride once. When is your next chance to wear a veil? I would go with something simple but definitely something!

  10. I didn’t think I would want a veil, but after trying on a cascading veil, I think it pulls the whole look together! I also think they look absolutely stunning in pictures!

  11. The only thing I regret from 1979 is that I took my veil off before photos. There’s just something about flowers or a veil on the head that finishes the bridal look. My dear recent bride wore nothing in her hair and I regret that on her behalf.

  12. I didn’t wear a veil! I had a pretty non-traditional wedding, but I wore a white dress and put my hair half up and half down. I clipped a big (fake, but convincing) anemone flower in my hair. It was so low hassle and pretty. I’m so glad I did it that way.

    One thing my florist told me was not to wear real flowers in your hair because by the time you get to pictures and towards the end of the day they will be sagging and a little brown – not super cute.

    Veils are gorgeous too, but that was experience 🙂

    Congrats and I can’t want to hear more about your wedding planning experience! I had so much fun with mine.


  13. I’m really not attached to the idea of a veil. I’m not sure I care if I wear one. But my dress shows quite a bit of my back, so my mom really wants me to wear a veil for the ceremony. I’m sure my grandma will appreciate it as well.

    And as I’m writing this, the thought has crossed my mind that perhaps I will have more of the “bride” experience if I do the whole veil thing.

  14. I didn’t wear a veil because it really didn’t fit our wedding, we got married in Central Park, and it wasn’t me. I am constantly pushing things out of my face and instead of pushing a veil aside I chose to do my hair half up half down with a beautiful comb that I got from Etsy.

    Good luck in wedding planning!

  15. I never thought I wanted a veil but now that I work in bridal and see brides trying on veils every day, part of me feels like it is hard to say no! I also wouldn’t want a veil to cover my face but the idea of a simple veil down my back is hard to say no to. I mean, when else in life can you wear a veil?

  16. I LOVED my veil! It was so hard to chose one. I feel like that really sets the tone of your outfit. I have a very loud personality so I went with a pouf veil , that was right up my alley. I loved the longer ones, but they would have been beautiful with a longer dress. So many pretty veils to choose from out there!

    Good luck, lady!

    Here are posts from our wedding with plenty of veil pics!


    1. After reading other comments, I agree with them! I loved my dress, but I didn’t feel like a bride until I had my veil on. It completed the “bridal” look!

  17. I knew I wanted a veil, but not one to cover my face while I walked down the aisle and during the ceremony. We were married in a gorgeous cathedral, so I of course went with a cathedral length veil, but did not have the part that covered my face. I also decided to opt out of having a shorter veil for the reception, but still wanted something to dress up my hair, so I found a site that had beautiful hair picks and bought two so there would still be something there to dress up my ‘do. 🙂

  18. Depends on your venue but I say go for the veil, you’re only a bride once! I was married in a church where a long veil fit the setting. A veil looks beautiful in photos as well. When I left my reception I wrapped the veil around my shoulders and tied it in the back. Unique and tres chic! 🙂

  19. A veil isn’t necessary, especially one that covers your face! That being said, wearing one definitely helped me feel more like a bride! I wore one for our ceremony and then took it off for the reception.

  20. The veil makes the look! I borrowed my best friend’s for my wedding and it was over the top but was EVERYTHING for the day. It is the piece that makes you look and feel like a bride, and I can only imagine how beautiful it will look moving in the breeze in nantucket!


  21. I loved the idea of a flower crown but wasn’t sure if it really fit the aesthetic I was going for. My solution was to order one for the day of my hair trial to see if I liked it, and if I minded wearing it. It drove me nuts! I also brought along a hair pin I had purchased from Etsy, and ended up loving that option. Maybe try out a few options before the big day to decide what you’re comfortable in!

  22. We got married in a cathedral so for the ceremony I wore a cathedral length veil (that I made- it’s super easy!). I was anti-bling too so it was just the right amount of tulle to make me feel like a bride (I had the blusher in the back). Then for the reception I changed into a birdcage (that I made too!) for our entrance that I later took off for dancing.

  23. My thoughts and feelings (for what it’s worth)….this is probably the only time in your life you can wear a veil! So why not go all out and wear one? I had a gorgeous simple chapel length Vera Wang veil and the pictures with it on are some of my most favorite of the day. But, no tiaras please!!

  24. I cant wait to read what others have done, I am not planning a wedding yet but my girlfriends and I were talking about this recently! I never imagined I’d wear one but I also think they tie the bridal look together!

    I’d love to hear what other have done who didn’t wear one!

  25. Do a veil! Or at least purchase one that you like to try on with your dress. My veil was 100% my favorite part of my look when I saw the photos. I wore a simple J Crew dress and a light, plain cathedral length veil (actually, you linked it above- it was the J Crew Cathedral one. Let me know if you want to see pictures of it in real life and not the J Crew website!). We got married on a misty, overcast day and the veil looked completely ethereal in the photos. I still get a ton of compliments on it!

    The only other accessory I wore were stud earrings. I am not a huge fan of accessories or “bling” on brides. I think it tends to look dated very quickly. However, friends and family kept pushing me to buy accessories, be it jewelry, belts, or hair pins. It’s almost expected that brides will want to wear that kind of stuff. Classic looks with minimal accessories are way more striking.

    1. “Classic looks with minimal accessories are way more striking.” I think you just summed up my style philosophy in one sentence! Your wedding photos sound lovely (and I would love to see the veil photos if you’re willing to share!).

      1. Sure! Here are a few:

        (the boxwoods behind us in the first photo were room dividers and shut the ceremony off from the cocktail hour/reception- seems up your alley!)

        I looked at a ton of veils and this was by far the best I found. Hope that helps!

  26. My veil is fingertip length with lace detail. The lace is the same as the lace on my dress. I definitely didn’t want a veil that covered my face! I’ll be removing my veil after photos and replacing it with a small pearl and crystal comb that’s my “something borrowed” from my sister

  27. I wore an elbow-length veil with a blusher. It was the veil my Mom wore when she married my Dad – so really special. I loved wearing the blusher walking down the aisle. It felt very old fashioned and is something I noticed not many people our age do anymore, which made it feel unique. I took the veil off after the ceremony and wore a flower hairpiece for the reception. I would recommend going for both! You can get pictures with the veil (which just feels really “bride-y”) and also with a flower crown or flower headpiece if that is something you’re interested in. As for the length of the veil, my preference is actually a long, cathedral length veil because I think they are really stunning in photographs, but I loved wearing my Mom’s!

  28. I think a veil is classic-and fun to have, even if only for pictures. I was big on loosely recreating the poses from my grandparents and even great grandparents weddings and the veil was a big part of those pics from 100 years ago. I had a veil for my ceremony and changed into a fascinator/head piece for the reception and am so glad I did. it was fun looking like me-but an amped up me in all my party pictures. And, besides derby party, sadly we aren’t expected to wear allot of headpieces. I didn’t want to miss my best chance;) Last pro veil comment-I then used the lace of my veil for my sons heirloom christening gown. And to me that was my very favorite part of having one to begin with.

  29. I went through the great veil debate until literally a month before my wedding when I purchased a last minute rush order cathedral length veil from Etsy. Veils seemed a little too traditional for me and, frankly, like a left over patriarchal tradition. However, it is an important biblical tradition in the Jewish faith that surprisingly meant a lot to my fiance, parents, and inlaws. So I compromised and wore the veil for the ceremony only. It served its traditional function but I didn’t have to fuss with it during our formal portraits. If you do decide to get a veil be sure to practice with it if you’re going to wear it for any of the dances or if your ceremony requires any moving around. In a Jewish ceremony, the bride circles the groom 7 times and with my cathedral length veil i started wrapping my husband up like a mummy! Ha! Enjoy the rest of the wedding planning!

  30. I wore a small tiara with a mid length veil secured to the back of my head. I didn’t use the blusher (much to my mom’s dismay!) and I ditched the veil entirely for the reception. Best of both worlds and made everyone happy. 😉

  31. I had a veil that I made myself. It was with a silk headband and I made the veil detachable from the underside of the headband. That way I could take the veil off after the reception and still have the headband on. I did not have the veil covering my face it was not long either. It went half way down my back.
    there is such a thing as having the Aha moment with the wedding gown.
    All the best for a wonderful future.

  32. Definitely wear a veil! I didn’t want anything covering my face either so I went with a long simple veil that fell down my back. It instantly made me feel like a bride and just elevated the whole look (in my opinion)! I also wore a simple barrette underneath the veil so when I took the veil off for the reception, you could see it!