This is definitely going to be the most fun Wedding Wednesday so far because I’ve teamed up with Shutterfly to show you how I’m asking my bridesmaids! I definitely wanted to do something fun and make them feel extra special. I knew I wanted to include a bottle of my favorite rosé and a thoughtful note but I wasn’t exactly sure what to say and how to tie it all together. Here’s my little rule of thumb for notes and toasts: when in doubt, make it rhyme.

design darling bridesmaids cards

design darling asking my bridesmaids

That’s right: I wrote them a poem! And I’m sharing it here in all its goofy glory in case any of you want to use it too. Poems are just the best — they can be serious but also silly, and they’re usually more memorable than a regular note. I wrote one for Will on our first Valentine’s Day poking fun at how we met and then that summer we collaborated on a rhyming toast for our friends Jane and Scottie’s rehearsal dinner. Here’s what I wrote to my bridesmaids:

design darling bridesmaids poem

design darling how to ask your bridesmaids

Cheers to the girls (and guy!) who know me best,
whose friendships stand out from all the rest.
The friends who’ve seen me at my best and worst,
it’s the nine of you I thought of first.

Some of you I’ve known since day number one,
that’s twenty-six years of friendship and fun.
Some of you are dear friends I’m so lucky to know,
and I’d love you all there when down the aisle I go!

I can’t wait to have everyone in one place together,
surely new memories I’ll treasure forever.
Come September 2, 2017, the day I say “I do”
just wouldn’t feel the same without each one of you.

Dearest [name], my day will be made
if you say yes, you’ll be my bridesmaid!

design darling bridesmaids gifts

design darling shutterfly bridesmaids cards

What do you think?! I know I’m not the next Shel Silverstein but I do think it’s a playful and unexpected way to show that you put some serious time and thought into what you want to say. I like to think my bridesmaids will each keep their copy tucked away somewhere and laugh again when they rediscover it!

design darling asking your bridesmaids

I picked out a customizable trifold save-the-date where I could upload my own design and switch out the names on the first and third pages. I chose a favorite calligraphy-inspired font called Asterism for the front of the card and decided to use hot pink text to match the grosgrain ribbon. Whether you’re tweaking one of their existing designs or uploading your own, Shutterfly gives you so many little design options (think scalloped edges, striped envelopes, and more!) that take each product to the next level.

shutterfly monogrammed wine glasses

design darling monogrammed wine glasses for bridesmaids

It was when I spotted these monogrammed wine glasses (also from Shutterfly) that everything really clicked. Customized with each of my bridesmaids’ initials, they perfectly tie in the bottle of wine and the “cheers” in the first line of my poem — and hopefully made them all feel as special as they are! Even though I won’t be there to pop the cork and cheers with each one of them in person, assembling each little package made me that much more excited to get to celebrate with everyone in the months to come.

design darling asking bridesmaids

Shutterfly has so many cute paper goods and personalized gifts (whether you’re shopping for a wedding or just because!). I hope you enjoyed seeing how I asked my bridesmaids — I’d love to hear how you asked in the comments!

*This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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  1. I JUST finished assembling my bridesmaid boxes (complete with mini champagne) and am kicking myself over the fact that I didn’t find this precious poem first! Instead, my bridesmaids will have to settle for whatever awkward word vomit came out on their cards.

  2. Love this, such a great idea. The poem part is the best. I also have a blog that I think will resonate with you, would love to get your feedback 🙂

  3. I love this post and as a fellow bride-to-be, I’m living for all of your wedding related posts! I can’t wait to see what you give as bridesmaids gifts, I keep racking my brain for something original that my girls will love.

  4. This is so lovely – the wine glasses make it! Although I was also thinking about how you mailed them, so I’m glad Callie asked too. My sister recently asked me to be her bridesmaid with a beautiful, thoughtful letter and I so appreciated how personal the gesture was. Next stop – bridesmaid dress shopping! x

  5. Love this! My cousin is getting married this summer and asked my sister and I to be bridesmaids by taking us out to brunch and surprising us with mimosas in these cute little glasses. It was so unexpected! Also, the little paper straws coordinated with her color scheme/theme of the wedding, which was a fun preview to the coming months when we went bridesmaids dress shopping 🙂 I love the way you asked your bridesmaids, especially since you couldn’t be there in person to ask them all. While only 18, I love keeping up with your wedding posts and I’d be lying if I wasn’t pinning to my secret wedding board on Pinterest 😉 Best of luck with the wedding planning! I couldn’t find the link to the glasses she asked us with, so here’s the picture I took:

    XO, Nicole

  6. LOVE the idea.. more of logistics question: How did you package them to be mailed? Obviously, you are bit of an expert given your business!

    1. Yup, you hit the nail on the head! I shipped them from our office in a 12″x10″x10″ box with lots of bubble wrap and sent them by UPS which was about $10 each depending on the destination.

      1. Hi! I know this is an old post but I’m actually attempting to do something very similar right now. When you shipped it through UPS did you need to declare that you were shipping alcohol or do you just bring the box and send it out? I’ve tried to get a straight answer by googling and I think I’m even more confused!

  7. What a cute idea! I love the cards you sent. I asked my girls in a similar way to you – I ordered cards from Rifle Paper Co, bought each a split of champage and a personalized champagne glass with their names, wrapped them up with some cute packaging and sent them off! All of the girls called me when they got them and loved getting to pop open a drink that evening to celebrate. My wedding is this September and it’s been so fun reading about your wedding planning while I’ve been in wedding mode myself!

  8. Such a cute idea Mackenzie! I love your rhyming poem. For my bridesmaids, I ordered cards from Rifle Paper Co. and got each girl a sailor knot bracelet asking her to help me tie the knot.

  9. That rehearsal dinner poem was THE BEST! It’s brightened my day just thinking about it.

    This is such a fun sweet way to ask your ladies! I love it!

  10. This is too cute and creative! That wine is also delicious.. You know that is made on Brad Pitt and Angelina’s winery in France right?! I drove by it when I was on a wine tour there a few years ago and had to try it once I got back to the states. Weirdly enough it was pretty difficult to find over there, but it was still fairly new at the time!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish