When we moved into our house in Dallas, I was thrilled to see there was a fireplace and a natural spot for our TV right above it. But once we moved in and had everything hung, we were staring at an ugly pile of wires to the left of the fireplace because I couldn’t seem to find a media console that wasn’t just as much of an eyesore. After living with this pile of wires for (an embarrassingly long) couple of months, I happened to find the perfect solution at IKEA.

design darling ikea tv media storage unit

design darling ikea besta tv unit
The BESTÅ system is completely customizable to your space and style. It’s available in multiple lengths, has several different door and drawer options, and offers different legs that you can switch out to match the style of your home. We had an oversized piece of art we wanted to hang to the left of our fireplace so we went with the longest and lowest BESTÅ unit and paired it with these legs.

design darling living room

design darling living room tour

I chose the Selsviken high gloss white finish for a bright contrast to our navy sofa that looks super sleek but doesn’t compete with the artwork above it. I included a couple detail shots so you can see how reflective the surface is — it really makes the piece look so much pricier than it was.

design darling ikea unit

design darling ikea besta
Two of my favorite design details besides that glossy finish: the doors close quietly thanks to the integrated soft-close function and there’s an opening behind the center shelves so you can plug your cable box, etc. into the wall behind it without seeing a single wire. And the closed shelving on either side of the unit means extra storage space for table linens since our dining room doesn’t have space for a sideboard. The BESTÅ combines the style and function I was looking for — at a price tag of just $239.

design darling tv unit

design darling living room striped ginger jar

While I’ve long loved IKEA for their clean designs and affordable prices, one thing I didn’t know about was their commitment to sustainability. When I became one of their Brand Ambassadörs at the beginning of the year, I got to hear several of the designers speak about how much thought goes into creating and manufacturing each product and was seriously impressed by their desire to minimally impact the environment.

design darling living room unit

ikea besta storage unit


For instance, did you know that IKEA’s famous flat-packed shipping (which I’ve always loved because it makes it easy to fit products in the back of your car…) also allows more units to be transported to stores at once, conserving energy? And the BESTÅ unit in particular has a board-on-frame construction with recycled honeycomb paper, which gives the piece strength and stability while conserving material. Affordable, beautiful, simple, and sustainable… That qualifies for design genius as far as I’m concerned.

design darling ikea

design darling dallas home tour

Any favorite IKEA pieces in your home? Definitely check out how I used IKEA in my office if you haven’t already!

*This post is sponsored by IKEA, a brand I genuinely love. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Design Darling!



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  1. Love this whole look! Could you tell me where you got your bookshelf from? I love the side detail!

  2. Do you happen to know which Besta unit you purchased? I’m looking at one of the 70″ units, but it looks much shorter than yours. Thanks!

  3. Another question – you mentioned buying the legs but it looks like per the link that the legs come with it already? Or am I wrong?

    1. We bought ours at the store so you go through the warehouse and pick up the pieces separately — the doors could be in one aisle, the top in another, the legs in a third. If you order online, it includes the unit, doors, and legs and lets you toggle through different options for colors and legs in the drop-down menu. I hope that helps! 🙂

  4. LOVE this whole room!! Wish I could magically make it appear in my living room. Did you also purchase the “Besta Top Panel for TV” for your console?

  5. Ikea is such a wonderful place for affordable furniture and little decor touches! That console looks amazing, plus I really love the color palette. I don’t own a TV, and I’m not even planning to buy one, but if I did, I would definitely take notes from this post!

  6. I just moved & related to dealing with unsightly wires, since our TV is hanging above our fireplace as well. Where is your TV & how is it connected to the electronics in your sleek new IKEA media console? I found the story & images a bit disconnected. Although I always love seeing my favorite Slim Aarons’ print, it doesn’t resemble a big TV monitor. Just curious?

    1. Hi Pam! Sorry for the confusion. We had the TV hung professionally with the wires inside the wall behind the TV — they only poke out of the wall behind the media console where they need to plug into the cable box (hence why you can’t see them in this post — but I’m kicking myself for not including a shot with the TV!). Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Looks great- love the navys, pinks and turquoises together. Such a crisp and appealing palatte!
    Would love to know where you found the awesome turquoise patterned lamps- thanks so very much!

  8. The space looks wonderful. I am loving the boxes of matches. Can you tell me where you got them?

    Many thanks.

  9. I love the whole look of this! I just picked out a whole new living room set from ikea over the weekend that is being delivered on Thursday and I couldn’t be more excited 🙂

  10. The space looks great! Not to be daft, but where is your TV in relation to where you’ve stored the cable box in the Ikea console? I don’t see it in any of the pictures and without seeing the console and the TV in the same picture it’s hard to visualize how you hid the wires.

    1. Oh sorry for the confusion! The TV is over the fireplace (the tan stone to the right of the media console). The wires are mostly hidden within the wall behind the TV but come out of the wall behind the console to plug into our cable box. Hope that clears it up a bit! 🙂