Remember my post about silk scarves I’m coveting for spring? I wound up ordering two of them, including this small striped silk scarf from Kate Spade. It measures 21″ square (the other one I ordered is twice as large) so it’s an easy accessory to add to your look without overpowering the rest of your outfit. I had fun playing around with it and finding ways to tie a small silk scarf since it’s not big enough to wear as a shawl or a top. I styled this small scarf with a super simple go-to outfit and wanted to show you five of my favorite ways to wear it!

5 ways to tie a small silk scarf

Isn’t it cute? I love that it looks like a simple stripe when it’s knotted but reveals a bow in the pattern when laid flat. And it’s available in three colors!

Ways To Tie A Small Silk Scarf

design darling silk scarf

design darling silk scarf hair bow

1. Tie your silk scarf into a hair bow. A super girly look that’s just as cute with a ponytail as it is with a long braid. I laid mine flat, started folding from one corner until it was one long strip, and then tied it in a bow around my hair tie. Next time I’ll remember not to use one that’s bright red. 😉

design darling how to wear a silk scarf

2. Knot your scarf around the handle of your handbag. Tie a knot around the handle for an instant update to a straw basket, your Longchamp tote, a leather clutch… The possibilities are endless.

design darling how to style a silk scarf

3. Wear it around your neck. Wearing a scarf around your neck is probably the most outside my comfort zone but I love how it looks here! Lay the scarf out flat and start rolling from one corner until it’s one long line. Tuck in the triangle and the end, loosely tie around your neck, et voilà!

design darling how to tie a silk scarf

design darling how to tie a small silk scarf

4. Wrap it around your wrist. I first saw this styling idea on MDS Stripes and instantly loved it! I rarely wear bracelets because I find them so clunky and noisy to work in so this is a wrist accessory I can totally sign off on.

design darling silk scarf

5. Wear your silk scarf bandana style. Lay it flat, fold it into a triangle, and tie two of the corners behind your neck. This is one of my favorite ways to wear a larger silk scarf but I think it’s just as cute with a smaller style!

design darling ways to wear a silk scarf

silk scarf  //  silk tank  //  white jeans

pearl studs  //  straw basket c/o  //  suede sandals

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  1. I would love to see ideas on how you plan to wear your larger scarf!! I have a larger Hermes scarf that is perfect for spring and summer 🙂
    Thanks, Darlene

  2. This is such a great post! I have a slew of these pretty small scarves from my previous career that I almost never wear nowadays. This is a great reminder for me to pull them out of my closet and have fun styling them!

  3. first – love the scarf! it’s such a fun way to dress up or change up an everyday look.
    but here’s my real question – can I ask what bra you’re wearing with this top? I’ve been eyeing them forever and I can’t bring myself to pull the trigger because I have no idea how to handle the ‘underpinings’ situation. a racerback style doesn’t really work with the delicate straps in back and strapless won’t work well either because of the great v-neck front.

    1. Great question! My friend Ali introduced me to these adhesive petals (http://bit.ly/1UDA7nI) a couple months ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. They look a little funny on but they’re perfect for camisoles, off-the-shoulder tops, and anything form-fitting where you want to avoid bra lines. I hope that helps!