Most of you know I keep a list of 101 things I want to accomplish in 1001 days. In fact, I’m 843 days into my current 101 in 1001 list which means I have a little more than five months to go! So far I’ve crossed off 68 of my goals. It’s not likely I’ll get to cross off every single one of my remaining goals but there are definitely some I’m still determined to get to and others I’m excited to roll over onto my third list (which will be published shortly after my second list expires in September of this year).

When my first list ended, I had completed 79 of my goals so I’m definitely hoping to do at least that many this go around! You can always keep up with my list progress right here but I thought it would be fun to share a more in depth look at what I’ve crossed off so far, what I’m still hoping to get to, and what may have to wait until my third list. It’s pretty crazy to think I’ve crossed off 147 list items since writing my first list in 2011 (when I was a senior in college!).

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But by far the most rewarding part of keeping my list is seeing how many of you have been inspired to write your own and commit your own goals — big and small — to paper and/or to share them online. To date, 286 of you have tweeted me links to your lists (which are all featured at the bottom of my list) and dozens more have emailed me your lists in document form. I am so glad this concept has resonated with so many of you and has inspired all kinds of personal and professional progress in your lives. In addition to sharing an update on my current list, I wanted to shine the spotlight on several of you who are absolutely crushing it on your lists so definitely scroll down to see those at the end of the post!


{The first Design Darling blogger brunch, February 2014.}

Most rewarding goals I’ve crossed off so far: I absolutely loved reconnecting with my French host mom (#1) and my favorite high school teacher (#2). Anyone who knows me well will tell you I’m terrible at keeping in touch (I’d always rather just pick up where we left off!) so this was something I’d been putting off for way too long and was really happy once I just made the effort. Setting up my IRA (#28), hosting my first blogger brunch (#30), and designing and manufacturing my own product (#40) were also all big milestones for me.

Goals I think everyone should have on their list: Go one month without shopping (#5), if only to prove to yourself that it’s actually possible. Read a number of books that feels challenging to you (#10) — even if you fall short, you’ll have read more than you otherwise would have if you didn’t set a goal at all. Send flowers to someone you love out of the blue (#45). Leave a 100% tip for great service (#84).

Goal I’m surprised I haven’t crossed off yet: Mail care packages to each of my siblings (#44) — I mailed one to my youngest brother Camden so Reilly and Grayson, I promise yours are coming!

cafe victoria dallas

{Café Victoria, a recent addition to my work-in-progress Dallas city guide.}

Goals I’m still determined to tackle in the next five months: Make five recipes from my grandfather’s cookbook (#46). Give five “just because” gifts (#52). Create a Dallas city guide (#68). Take dance lessons (#83).

Goals I’d like to roll over onto my next list: Get a second puppy (#13) — we want to sooo bad but we’re going to wait until after our wedding. Go on a trip with my entire family (#43). Run a 5K with my mom (#49). Travel to a new continent (#72).

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{St. Barth’s in February 2016 — a new country but not a new continent!}

It was hard to narrow down which of your 286 lists to feature in this post so I established a little cut-off: the following people have crossed off at least 30 items on their lists! Definitely check them out if you need a little inspiration to write your own list or revisit your current one. A few of the many things these ladies (and one gent!) have crossed off their lists: visiting a new museum, paying off student loans, learning to sew, building an emergency savings fund, opening an Etsy shop, completing a half marathon, swimming in the Atlantic for the first time, moving to a new city, volunteering in a nursing home, and so many more! I get so inspired just following along and seeing what you’ve recently tackled and what you’re hoping to try soon. And don’t forget: if you’ve written your own list and want to have it linked from mine, just tweet me the link @mackenziehoran!

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  1. 68 goals complete is awesome progress! Thanks for sharing my link (and all the links!), so fun to see all the lists for inspiration as I work on my second one!

  2. This is totally not related, but I just ordered that pineapple desk organizer from your site yesterday, and can’t wait to have it in my home! 🙂 I might have to get the cute cachepot next 😉