Will and I have been engaged for four months now and as we’ve gotten further into the planning process, we’ve talked a lot about the aspects of a wedding that are most important to us. We both wanted to get married in a church, for instance, and I’ve been most focused on choosing the right venues and paper goods while Will cares most about securing the best band. So while we’ve narrowed down the list of traditions we want to honor (our first dance, cutting the cake) and opted out of some things that aren’t important to us (a bouquet toss, removing the garter), we’ve tried to think of ways to make our wedding personal to where our wedding will be and who we are as a couple.

While I don’t want to give away any specifics of how we hope to achieve that at our own wedding, I did want to share a few of the many fun ideas I’ve stumbled across thus far. These might be things that no one but you and your fiancé will even notice or ideas that your guests have never seen before — but either way these ways to personalize your wedding will make your big day anything but generic.

illustrated dress code for wedding invitation

1. Don’t just tell your guests what to wear — show them. Instead of writing out “cocktail casual” or “resort chic” (because who knows what any of that means anyway?!), I love the idea of enclosing an illustrated card with your wedding invitation. This one features illustrations for each event of the wedding weekend so you won’t risk anyone wearing a sundress in a sea of silk cocktail dresses.

vintage stamps for wedding invitations

2. Mail your invitations with vintage or personalized stamps. You’re no longer stuck with those American flag stamps they sell at the post office (though those would be great for a Memorial Day or Fourth of July wedding!). I love these colorful vintage stamps which are sold all over Etsy (here, here, and here are good places to start your search). Just be aware that vintage stamps cover less postage so you’ll have to arrange multiple stamps on each envelope. Not sure you want to do the legwork to source (or artfully arrange) vintage stamps? You can also order personalized stamps online with everything from your monogram to a picture of your wedding venue.

embroidered wedding dress something blue

3. Have your wedding dress embroidered with your wedding date. I’ve seen it done both at the back (perfect for the above photo opp while getting ready) or on the inner hemline (so you can snap a photo once you’re in your dress and shoes). And if you use the right color thread, it could double as your something blue!

floral letters for cocktail hour or wedding reception bar


4. Think outside the box with your florist. I love the floral lettering on this bar — wouldn’t it be fun for a cocktail hour before the reception? You could also do floral letters with your married monogram as the backdrop for a photobooth setup! Worried about the expense of additional flowers? You could achieve a similar effect with boxwood (check out my DIY letter wreath for inspiration!).

monogrammed wedding koozies

5. If it isn’t moving, monogram it. Are you using a monogram on any of your paper goods? If so, carry that design over onto koozies, matches, or napkins (as seen above) for your wedding reception. It’s a little detail that can be printed super affordably on just about everything. This shop is my go-to for personalized matches, napkins, party cups, and more.

anchor monogram for wedding invitations

6. Take your monogram to the next level. How darling is this anchor monogram? If there’s a particular icon that speaks to you as a couple or to your venue, consider adding that to your design for paper goods and little details at your reception. Getting married on the beach? A seashell could be perfect. Heading off on a safari for your honeymoon? Add an elephant! The possibilities are endless.

striped wedding bar tent

7. Upgrade your wedding tent. If parts or all of your reception will take place outside, consider ways to personalize the outdoor tent. This striped tent is super chic but even smaller details like adding lanterns or topiaries at the entrance or customizing the lighting options indoors will set your wedding apart.

watercolor wedding menu

8. You can’t go wrong with handmade. A watercolor menu, beautifully written place cards, hand-painted table numbers… The menu above is by Happy Menocal but there are so many talented artists out there who can help bring your ideas to life. A few of my favorites include Inslee Fariss, Karli StrohscheinKearsley Lloyd, and Shannon Kirsten.


9. Serve your favorite dessert, instead of or in addition to wedding cake. While I probably wouldn’t go crazy with the dinner menu and serve everyone my favorite foods (particularly as a vegetarian), I think you can get pretty creative with dessert options. If the groom loves donuts and the bride prefers macarons, make a tower of each. Whether it’s candy, cupcakes, ice cream, or tiramisu (I’m getting hungry typing this…), playing with dessert options is an easy (and affordable) way to personalize your wedding.

monogrammed wedding cookies

10. Bonus points for combining dessert with a monogram. Wouldn’t these monogrammed cookies be great for welcome baskets or party favors? You could also do a subtle monogram on your wedding cake or a monogrammed cake topper.

That’s all I’ve got for today! What fun ways have you seen to personalize your wedding?



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  1. I like the idea of getting personalized monogram stamps for your wedding. I think that would be a cute way to send letters to the people that got you gifts. I also like the idea of using it on your invitations and announcements.

  2. Love these ideas! We did custom cocktail napkins at the bar (in our wedding colors), we hung our initials in marquee lights (L & C) to create a cool photo backdrop and really romantic, warm lighting. And, our favors were homemade jams by me and my mom, made with produce from special places: blueberries from our summer home, strawberries from a local place near our first home together, and apples from the orchard where we had our first date! The personalized things were what our guests noticed the most 🙂

  3. Event detailing is my specialty! My fiance and I have personalized as much as we can; our custom table guest book, a caricature artist, our favorite movies & activities melded in, and his personal favorite, our monogrammed favors! I would LOVE to chat with you more about your detailing or if you need help with anything. I’m building my portfolio at the moment, so it would be little to no cost for you and Will 🙂

  4. Such a cute post! My fiance and I are getting married in June, and we’ve had such a great time finding ways to personalize our wedding. We actually aren’t having a groomscake, because Dillon’s not a dessert person! Instead, we are serving personalized fruit cups 🙂 Perfect for the summer–and for him too.

    Love your blog, good stuff!

  5. I love these ideas and this topic! I could seriously talk for days about wedding personalization. Email me if you want to chat! My favorite things we did were our guest book, save-the-dates, place cards and escort cards and our cocktail table decorations. We had so much fun thinking of these features beyond the normal and I love the results!

  6. My parents had their wedding party all sign the wedding table tablecloth. A seamstress sewed their signatures.
    My Mom kept it forevever and pulled it out on her anniversary.
    Also, order a lot extra of cocktail napkins with your monogram and wedding date. I still have mine
    35 years later. Yes, my wedding was in the dark ages but we loved monograms then and still do!!
    Have so much fun planning. We stayed at the Marincanto Hotel last year- loved it. We loved Capri,
    and the Hassler in Rome is a honeymoon spot for sure. I send your clothing ideas to my daughter,
    and I have given her so many gifts from your clothing ideas. She just started working so I like to spoil
    her with some cute outfits!!

  7. Sending the “What to Wear” card to my designers ASAP. I LOVE it!

    We’ve had a lot of fun with our wedding website, too ( I think it’s a fun way to set the tone for your wedding and get people excited while also disseminating important information so invitations don’t get too cluttered. Speaking of invitations, we included stickers with our monogram in our Save the Dates so people could mark their calendar, and we’ve gotten excellent feedback on that! (

  8. Being the monogram lover that I am, there was no shortage of monograms at my wedding! I made a blue monogram for the inside of my dress like the one above and it was such a special touch! The watercolor monogram crests are gorgeous- looking back, I wish I had ordered one for us!

    One of my favorite things about wedding planning was coming up with ideas of making our big day as “us” as we could! It is all about you two after all!

    xo Heather
    Sweet Tea Jubilee

  9. The most personal things for me are the family heirlooms! Nothing can replace the history those items have. Whether it’s family jewelry, a church significant to your family, a family bible, or a vintage dress or veil….those things are irreplaceable and can’t be bought 🙂

    I also love a signature drink that speaks to each person or the relationship, a custom crest or monogram, and involving close friends in creating something for you…like artwork/stationery or playing the music for the ceremony.

    Love all these ideas and especially the amazing resources!